The Irish Farmer Calendar – 2012




And Irish Farmers?



Put them together and what do you



Irish Farmer Calendar 2012 - MarchImage Credit

The perfect ingredients for a calendar to

support a fantastic charity!


Bothar (Gaelic for road), a charity devoted to sending livestock to the developing world, receives 25% of the calendar’s profits.

Perhaps, the perfect gift for Mom?  Then again, she might just faint when she opens The Irish Farmer Calendar, only to behold pages of bare-chested, Irish farmers strutting their stuff in wellies, surrounded by horses, cows, pigs, and ducks.


Irish Farmer Calendar 2012 - AugustImage Credit

Maybe an Irish granny might appreciate some 100% Irish beef for Christmas?

This popular calendar is back for 2012, due to the overwhelming success of the 2010 and 2011 issues.

If you think your aunt or cousin might appreciate some fine, young Irish men, wearing wellies and a smile, then you have found the perfect gift.


Irish Farmer Calendar 2012 - MayImage Credit

Calendars can be ordered through the Irish Farmer Calendar 2012 website for just €10 (about $15).   Here is a link to their Facebook page too.

If you are a little scatter brained like myself, frequently forgetting to mark important dates on your calendar, what better incentive for organization could there be?

The opportunity to gaze at these manly, Irish hunks, will not only encourage you to make those dental appointments for the kids, but guarantee you’ll accurately record the time and date on your lovely calendar.


Irish Farmer Calendar 2012 - DecemberImage Credit

Wishing you all a year of happy planning with the aid of these fine, Irish men.

If I only knew how many acres each one owns, I’d be a happy Irish woman indeed!

A minimum of forty acres should be required before any modeling application is accepted!

And what about a combine harvester?

Maybe next year????



Slan agus beannacht leat!

(Goodbye and blessings)


Irish American Mom