Louisville’s Brown Hotel – Home Of The Kentucky Hot Brown

Ornate Ceiling - Brown Hotel Lobby - Louisville

Louisville’s historic Brown Hotel will become home to many tourists visiting our city this week for the famous Kentucky Derby.  Revered as the finest hotel in the city its opulent two-story lobby is truly breathtaking. To celebrate Derby Week I thought I might dedicate my posts to my new hometown and state.  So why not […]

Georgia On My Mind


In today’s post we skip down the tracks for a short photo tour of Georgia from my mind’s eye. Georgia means breathtaking vistas framed by mountain pines. Historic old towns in the shadow of tall water towers. Quaint stores inviting passers-by to stop in for a chat. Inspiring murals! Historical railroads! Shady benches to escape […]

Irish Sheep And Lambs


A hillside ramble or a drive on the winding roads of Ireland’s west coast will inevitably result in a sheep encounter.  Ireland is home to over 2 million sheep and spotting them on the wild and rugged terrain of the western shore, makes the landscape even more spectacular.  Image Credit This ram is definitely King […]

Banana Nut Wholewheat Muffins With Weetabix

Banana Nut Whole Wheat Muffins - Image

Weetabix in a muffin!!!!  That’s my secret ingredient for delicious wholewheat banana nut muffins.  A little taste of Ireland and England, crumbled into the baking mix adds extra whole grains and fiber. Muffins were a new concept for me when I first moved to America over twenty years ago.  Sweet breakfast treats were not on […]

Weetabix – A Favorite Breakfast Cereal In Ireland

Weetabix In Bowl

As an Irish child porridge or oatmeal served as winter breakfast, but once spring came Weetabix filled that breakfast cereal role.  Wholegrain biscuits with minimal sugar, we loved to pour ice-cold milk over them and sprinkle a little sugar on top. Image Credit My kids love Weetabix and thankfully I can find this wholesome breakfast […]