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Memorial Day Thoughts

American Flag In Pine Mountain, Georgia

Recently I traveled to Florida and on my flight from Louisville to Atlanta I shared a soldier’s last journey home.  The experience heightened my personal awareness and reverence for the profound contributions of our servicemen and women. Image Credit   Today is Memorial Day, a day dedicated to remembering those who have died while serving […]

Who Was Mary Esther O’Brien?

Mary Esther O’Brien!  I love this name, ever since I heard it in 1988 when I first arrived in America. I do not know much about Mary Esther, except that I bear a striking resemblance to her. In fact, I most likely am the spitting image of her. Here is the story of our mystery […]

Powerscourt Waterfall

Powerscourt Waterfall

Powerscourt Waterfall in County Wicklow is Ireland’s tallest waterfall.  It was my favorite place to visit on a day trip from Dublin as a child.  I have fond memories of many family picnics beside these falls.   There is something about the sound of crashing water that whets the appetite for ham sandwiches wrapped in […]

Got Ireland – A Great Irish Website is one of my favorite Irish websites online.  Created and written by a fellow Irishman, Liam, who also now calls the US home, it is a fantastic place to learn about all the great things Ireland has to offer. Image Credit His logo is stunningly beautiful with intricate Celtic knotwork highlighting the lettering.  I […]

I Love My Mom Because ……

First let me wish you all a very Happy Mother’s Day today.  To all the Irish mom’s who celebrated Mother’s Day in March, belated Mother’s Day greetings.  Do something special again today, just for you. Here is a little story to brighten your Mother’s Day and which definitely falls into my “out of the mouth […]

Lessons In Life From Wise Old Irish Hens

An Irish Rooster

Eggs, chickens, and hens played a vital economic role in Irish rural life over the centuries.  We Irish even claim to have invented bacon and eggs.  Many old Irish sayings are peppered with poultry references.  Today, let’s explore some clucking wise words of old.   1. How the Irish first paired eggs with bacon:   […]

The Pursuit Of Happiness

The Track To Happiness

“Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” are unalienable rights identified in the United States Declaration of Independence.  I love America, my new homeland, and how its founding documents embrace this God-given right of all to pursue happiness.   Image Credit I marvel at the wisdom of our founding fathers.  They did not guarantee happiness, […]

Kentucky Hot Brown Sandwich

Kentucky Hot Brown

The Kentucky Hot Brown sandwich was created at the Brown Hotel in Louisville in the 1920’s.  It is a true Louisville original, an open-face turkey sandwich covered in creamy mornay sauce, and garnished with tomatoes and bacon. I first tasted a hot brown after my triplets were born.  Neighbors and parishioners from our church prepared […]

Louisville’s Sidewalk Derby

Image - Sidewalk Derby Downtown Louisville

Kentucky is Horse Country USA and Louisville is home to the famous Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs.  But Louisville is home to another equine derby, locally known as the Sidewalk Derby. In 2009, the Gallopalooza Showcase auctioned a herd of 132 artistic horses to local businesses and individuals.   These beautifully crafted sculptures can be […]

Kentucky’s Wild Flowers

Red Kentucky Wildflowers

Today is May Day or Bealtaine, the traditional Celtic feast day dedicated to  celebrating new life and nature. Here in Kentucky our trees are in full leaf.  Wildflowers color the fields and forests.  The world is blooming, brimming  over with new plants.  The sun is shining, warming the air temperatures to promote new growth.  Mother […]