Kentucky’s Wild Flowers

Today is May Day or Bealtaine, the traditional Celtic feast day dedicated to  celebrating new life and nature.

Here in Kentucky our trees are in full leaf.  Wildflowers color the fields and forests.  The world is blooming, brimming  over with new plants.  The sun is shining, warming the air temperatures to promote new growth.  Mother Nature is watering the earth with evening rain storms, helping to spread her palate of rainbow colors everywhere.

To continue this week’s celebration of Kentucky I thought I might share some photos of Kentucky’s wild flowers.

Grasses are growing high in meadows.  Hikers are eager to wander along inviting trails.

Daisies glow in the bright sunshine.

Wild hyacinths beckon with delicate blossoms, peeping out between verdantly green leaves.

Flowers of every imaginable shade of purple, lilac, lavender and violet decorate our wooded trails.

Mother Nature’s showy display is in full force in Kentucky during the month of May.

St. Patrick’s Day is long past, and clover plants are flowering, distracting us from our quest for their ever-so-rare, four-leafed foliage.

Rhododendrons are blooming in hedgerows.

Wild columbines waft in the gentle breezes, awaiting hovering humming birds to sip their precious nectar.

The forest floor is carpeted in purple petals.

And festively decorated in garland-like stems.

And sometimes when you pause a butterfly synchronizes his fluttering wings to the rhythm of your breathing; opens his wings, then suspends them for one solitary moment in time while you click, capturing nature’s sheer beauty.

(I couldn’t believe my eyes when I realized I had actually captured a butterfly with open wings.  I have tried and failed to do so many times in the past. )

Kentucky is beautiful in May.  I hope these pictures give you a little glimpse of Mother Nature’s Kentucky dream.

If you are interested in finding out more about Kentucky’s wild flowers here is a link for a great guide – Pocket Field Guide: Kentucky Wildflowers.

Bealtaine Shona Daoibh Go Léir

Happy May Day to all.


Slán agus beannacht leat!

(Goodbye and blessings)



Irish American Mom


  1. Vladimir says:

    “And sometimes when you pause a butterfly synchronizes his fluttering wings to the rhythm of your breathing” – beautiful words.

    What I miss so much in UK – forests. In Russia there are forests everywhere. I don’t miss anything else about Russia except forests, when I found out that USA conserved most of its forests more than 100 years ago, I was amazed and realized where I would live soon. UK is a nice country but I can’t live without forests in any case. And there is also Canada with its forests!

    Thank you for sharing Kentucky, it is very interesting.

    P.S. My parents did not sleep last night.

    • Vladimir – Russian forests must be beautiful and I understand how you now miss them. When you come to America, you will have to visit Redwood National Park in California someday. The ancient forest and spectacularly tall tries are supposedly amazing. A visit there is on my wish list of places to see in America.

  2. Oh, what a beautiful post. I know so well what you mean about the butterfly, almost impossible to photograph!
    What lovely wildflowers you have in Kentucky, it must be cooler there than in Georgia. It looks beautiful!

    • Kay – Kentucky is usually a little cooler than Georgia in the summer and quite a bit cooler in the winter. I could not believe my luck when I finally captured a red admiral with outstretched wings. Persistence is the name of the game when it comes to photography.

  3. Aww, the columbines! Gorgeous!

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