I Love My Mom Because ……

First let me wish you all a very Happy Mother’s Day today.  To all the Irish mom’s who celebrated Mother’s Day in March, belated Mother’s Day greetings.  Do something special again today, just for you.

Here is a little story to brighten your Mother’s Day and which definitely falls into my “out of the mouth of babes” category.

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When my eldest son was in Kindergarten all the children in his class drew a picture and wrote a short answer to the all important statement:


I love my Mom because …….


A beautiful picture gallery in homage to all the wonderful kindergarten Moms adorned the school hallways.  Lovely motherly images, with sweet sentiments of motherly appreciation greeted all.

I had volunteered to help in his classroom that week so I was lucky to have a few moments to pause and browse the lovely artwork.


I love my mom because …..


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……. “she hugs me tight before I go to sleep.”


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…….” she reads me bedtime stories.”


…….  “she is beautiful and kind.”


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…… “she loves me so much and takes care of me.”



I smiled, enjoying all the lovely expressions of love.


And then I found it…….


Hanging in the lower corner of one wall was my own son’s artwork.   I can assure you no other mom was serenaded with appreciative words to equal those of my Irish American son.

Below a beautiful stick figure image of a woman sweeping the floor were the beautiful words


“I love my Mom because ……

http://vintagerio.com/vintage_clip_art_g52-black_white_clipart_p2361.htmlImage Credit

…… she does the work.”


He may have been born in America, but I am raising a good Irish boy.  Who needs love and hugs and kisses?  A mother should do the work, keep the house clean, make the dinner ….. sure the list goes on and on.  And in one fell swoop of his pencil my little boy encapsulated the age old philosophy of my forefathers  – The  best reason to love any woman is if “she does the work”.

So a word of warning to all the lovely American girls who plan to charm my little Romeo in the future.  Forget about whispering sweet nothings in his ear, fancy manicures, and romantic dinners.   He is Irish and will be looking for a woman who “does the work”.

Happy Mother’s Day to all!  Have a lovely relaxing day with your families and may all you do, especially your hard work throughout the year, be appreciated today by those who love you.


Slán agus beannacht leat!

(Goodbye and blessings)

Irish American Mom


  1. How wonderful that your son appreciates the hard work that you do. I love this!
    Happy Mother’s Day!

  2. Debbie Chartoff says:

    Love this story! At least your hard work and devotion is recognized. We can only hope that he remembers it in his teenage years!

  3. Mairead, oh that is priceless! And isn’t it the truth? I’m Irish too, so hard work is something I’m used to. My youngest is always telling me to “rest”…ha ha, like THAT can happen with KIDS! The sentiment is nice though!

    Hope your Mother’s Day was wonderful!

    • Pamela – I had a lovely Mother’s Day with my family – I hope you did too. They brought me breakfast in bed and told me to relax. But today it’s back to work with the never ending tasks we mother’s must do. Our hard work is a small price to pay for all the joy our kids bring us. Best wishes.

  4. Mairead, LOVE this story — so hilarious. At least your boy is honest, huh? :)

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