Got Ireland – A Great Irish Website is one of my favorite Irish websites online.  Created and written by a fellow Irishman, Liam, who also now calls the US home, it is a fantastic place to learn about all the great things Ireland has to offer.

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His logo is stunningly beautiful with intricate Celtic knotwork highlighting the lettering.  I love how Liam describes his inspiration for creating his site:

“Sitting at home one night, reading some more negative news about
Ireland, I decided I wanted to do my part to put some good stuff about
Ireland on the web. Ireland has been kind of down in the dumps lately –
high unemployment, EU bailout, emigration – you get the message.”

– Liam from

Cork City - Liam's Hometown

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So tired of all the doom and gloom about his homeland, Liam decided to do something.  The Ireland of his childhood is a place to remember fondly, and he firmly believes that Ireland has not truly changed all that much.  In his words…..


“Well, quite frankly, there’s enough about all that negativity online and
on TV. People at home and abroad need to be reminded of all the good that
Ireland has – our proud history, our music and culture, our resilience to
what life throws at us, our friendly welcoming nature and so much more.”


-Liam from


With posts on culture, music, travel advice, destination reviews, and photos of Ireland, it is a great resource for anyone planning a trip to Ireland.

An Irish Farmhouse Ruin

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Some stories I really enjoy include:

The Ruined Farmhouses of Ireland

Catholic Mass Rock – A Place To Celebrate Mass During Penal Times

The Shandon Tower – Cork City’s Famour Four-Faced Liar

Bunratty Castle And Folk Park

Commemorative Stone At An Irish Mass Rock From Penal Times

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And so if you are planning a trip to the Emerald Isle or if you just like to read inspirational stories and appreciate beautiful photos of the land of my birth, I highly recommend as a site for all things Irish.


Slán agus beannacht leat!

(Goodbye and blessings)

Irish American Mom


  1. Hi Mairead,
    The nice thing about Liam’s site is he has some out of the way hidden gems, the things that would be easy to miss if he didn’t truly love and appreciate his(and your) part of the world, It’s good of you to pass the word on this true irish website.

    • Brian – I too really appreciate Liam’s insights and ability to share the “hidden gems” of Ireland. He shares wonderful stories and I love reading about Irish tourists’ experiences on their trips.

  2. Jordan Wilson says:

    Hi IrishAmerican Mom,

    I am studying abroad this summer in the Donegal area. Part of my program is that I am required to make a documentary about Irish culture. Would you know of anything interesting up in the Donegal that has a lot of Irish pride?



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