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Ireland Reaching Out

Ireland Reaching Out is an amazing project, creating an online, virtual community for the 70 million people of Irish descent worldwide. Irish volunteers at local parish level are literally reaching out to the Irish Diaspora via the internet and inviting them to reengage with the ancestral homes of their forefathers. Image Credit Strong, deep ties […]

County Dublin – Home Of Ireland’s Capital City

Malahide Castle, Co. Dublin

Dublin is a charming, architecturally spectacular capital where medieval and modern history blend to create a vibrant, welcoming atmosphere.  Yet Dublin offers much more.  The county is home to often undiscovered villages, beautiful scenery and ancient castles. Image Credit Dublin is my home town, so forgive me if today I sing her praises with pride.  […]

Easy Mini Pavlovas

Mini pavlova dessert

Pavlova is a favorite Irish dessert, with fresh fruit and whipped cream used to decorate a meringue base.  It’s crisp, sweet crust contrasts deliciously with a soft, light center. Pavlova was created in either Australia or New Zealand in the 1920’s to commemorate a visit by Anna Pavlova, the famous Russian ballet dancer.  A taste […]

Dublin Sunset

Howth Sunset-001

Beauty to me lies in the radiating glow of the setting sun.  Ireland’s west coast is renowned for spectacular sunsets, but today I thought I might share the magnificence of the setting sun across Dublin Bay. This photo was taken from the beach at Sandycove on the southern shore of Dublin Bay. Dublin City lies […]

Happy Father’s Day

Vintage Clipart - father comforts son

Wishing all fathers around the world a very Happy Father’s Day today.  In Irish we would say:   “Lá na nAthaireacha faoi shona daoibh.”   The pronunciation goes something like this:  law nah nah-ra-ka fway hun-ah deeve. And so in honor of all fathers and grandfathers today, I thought I might share some of my […]

Irish Sponge Cake

Irish sponge cake is a light and delicate egg sponge filled with a layer of jam and lots of luscious cream, with a light dusting of confectioners’ sugar on top.  I loved this cake when I was growing up in Ireland. This cake recipe requires no butter.  That’s right! A butter free cake! This is […]

Ardmore – An Irish And American Town Name

Church Ruins, Ardmore, Co. Waterford

Towns named Ardmore dot the American map, appearing in numerous states throughout this nation.  The original Ardmore is a village in County Waterford located beside a beautiful beach and magnificent cliffs.  Aird Mhór in Irish literally means” great height”. I always laughed when I passed Ardmore Drive, a street in one Florida neighborhood, close to […]

County Down And The Mountains Of Mourne

County Down is a perfect blend of ancient culture, historical landmarks, heather-clad mountains, woodland parks, rolling hills quilted with patchwork green fields, country gardens, breathtaking coastal drives, and spectacular inlets and loughs. Image Credit Today we resume our tour of Ireland’s thirty-two counties with a visit to the county made famous by Percy French’s song, […]