Dublin Sunset

Beauty to me lies in the radiating glow of the setting sun.  Ireland’s west coast is renowned for spectacular sunsets, but today I thought I might share the magnificence of the setting sun across Dublin Bay.

This photo was taken from the beach at Sandycove on the southern shore of Dublin Bay.

Dublin City lies at the center of a horseshoe shaped bay facing east and stretching from Howth Head in the north to Dalkey Point in the south.

It is lovely to fly into Dublin Airport from America early in the morning, when the airplane flies towards the rising sun in the east, then turns over the bay to approach the runway from the sea.  Sunrise is amazing over the watery horizon of the Irish Sea, but sunsets can be just as brilliant.

This sunset is seen from the northern tip of the bay at Howth Head.  Dublin Bay sunsets are glorious.  These pictures are a little taste of all that County Dublin has to offer.  I hope it whets your appetite for our full tour of my home county which is coming up later this week.



Slán agus beannacht leat!

(Goodbye and blessings)

Irish American Mom