Camping On Trannish Island, Upper Lough Erne

Camping On Trannish Island, Upper Lough Erne



    I live in New Jersey, USA. , first generation American, My Great-Grandparents, grandmother ‘s home was on Trannish Is. I visited Trannish their home on three occasions. My Grandparents were Rehills, and Martins. My mother, Susanna Owens of Aughaderryloman, Kinawley, Fermanagh came to America in 1929.
    It is my favorite place in all the world. Mary Theresa

    • Mary Theresa – Fermanagh really is a little slice of heaven on earth. The lakes and rustic scenery truly are spectacular. I am so glad you had the opportunity to visit your ancestral home three times. It sounds like you feel a real connection to Fermanagh when you are there.

      Thanks so much for stopping by my site and for commenting. It is always lovely to hear feedback from new readers and to know that my ramblings bring back treasured memories for others.

      Best wishes, and please do come back and check out my latest posts whenever you get a spare moment.

      Mairead (rhymes with parade)

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