Dublin’s Fair City

Dublin, Ireland’s capital city is lovingly called Dirty Dublin or The Big Smoke and her people are christened The Jackeens, The Liffeysiders, or just simply The Dubs.

Trinity College, Dublin

Having been born in Dublin’s Fair City, I was delighted to see Brian O’Shea, from the website Ireland Favorites, is writing a series of posts on my hometown.

I love to read his take on visiting Dublin as an American tourist, and how he has wandered off the beaten track to discover the true pulse of my city.

Brian has a keen eye for detail and in his walks around Dublin truly appreciates her old world charm. Here is a little excerpt from one of his posts:


“The things as a visitor I enjoyed the most were probably simple and

overlooked by the locals, things that are so common place one

wouldn’t be expected to notice. The beautiful row houses lined up

on the tree lined streets, the old stone architecture making up a wall

or a shed, very old sometimes rundown a bit, but with a look all

their own.”


Key attributes of all Dublin people include their ability to poke fun at themselves, and above all else, their innate talent of enjoying themselves.  This was not lost on Brian O’Shea:


“For as many times as I’ve spent engaged in conversation or a good

battle of give and take, I may have had as  many a good time just

sitting back and enjoying people enjoy themselves.”


So why not sit back and enjoy Brian’s take on Dublin and the Dubliners.  Here are the links to his posts:

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American Football In A Dublin Pub


Brian also graciously published a guest post I wrote called:


Dublin – Why I Will Always Love My Hometown


So check out Brian’s site when you get a chance.  He writes beautifully about his travels to Ireland both for business and pleasure.  He admits his  many trips included plenty of mistakes, but above all else he still had plenty of fun.  On his website Ireland Favorites he recounts his tales with a sense of humor and a wonderful appreciation for all things Irish and American.



Slán agus beannacht leat!

(Goodbye and blessings)

Irish American Mom

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