Doagh Beach On The Inishowen Peninsula

The Inishowen Peninsula is Ireland’s most northerly land mass.  There you will find some of the most magnificent unspoiled scenery the island has to offer.  Today I thought I might share some photos I took of Doagh Beach, on the western coast of Inishowen.

We visited on a bright, sunny day in mid-summer 2011.  We found a secluded, unspoiled beach.

An inlet of the Atlantic ocean flows into the cove, separating this beach from Five Fingers Strand.  The view is breathtaking.

Not even a footprint marked the soft sands.

Well, not until we arrived to leave our marks,

And bounce rocks across the waters.

This is truly God’s country, hidden in an unspoiled, majestic landscape.

My kids are looking forward to their trip to Ireland next year.  They often ask if they can go back to the empty beach to throw rocks into the water.  Oh, the joys of childhood memories.

Here is the view from the opposite side of the peninsula, looking down on Five Fingers Strand and across the waters to Doagh Beach.  In typical Irish fashion the weather changed within a matter of hours.  The beautiful blue skies we experienced during our beachside escapades, had disappeared behind a curtain of gray clouds by the time we drove around the coast to the other side.

The Inishowen Peninsula may seem out of the way to many tourists, but if you love scenic driving trips, this northerly Irish headland is a must-see.

Slán agus beannacht leat!

(Goodbye and blessings)

Irish American Mom