A Snowy Mount Errigal

Mount Errigal is County Donegal’s highest peak.  A few years ago my brother-in-law captured some beautiful shots of a snow clad Errigal.  I thought I would share these pictures with you today.

Donegal people look towards the mountains for signs of snow.

Here, the snow seems to reveal an etched face in the mountain side.

Pristine blue skies reflect in the stillness of the lake.

County Donegal is beautiful, come rain or shine, but snow adds an extra luster to her scenery.

And finally a black and white shot, which I think is magical.

Hope you enjoyed these photos of Donegal as winter wonderland.

Slán agus beannacht leat!

(Goodbye and blessings)

Irish American Mom


  1. Hi Mairead

    We’ve had snow (but nothing like 2010) in Donegal this past week. On Facebook I’m following Karl Harold of the Errigal Hostel. He posts regular photos of Mt Errigal and surrounding area throughout the year : https://www.facebook.com/errigal.hostel

    My favourite is this rather dark and moody one: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=553786481298168&set=a.102502259759928.5129.100000004626825&type=1&theater

  2. Sometimes I take a photo and it’s not until I get home that I realize just how amazing was the light. These days though (and for most of this winter) in order to photo landscape you’d need a tripod since you simply couldn’t hold the camera still at such levels and speed.

    • Vince – Good photography is really all about light and mastering its nuances. I got a new camera for my birthday last year, and ever since I realize how little I know about photography, but I really enjoy it. My brother-in-law has a great eye, but little time to be out photographing Donegal. I’m hoping to learn more and build my skill level in the coming months and years – it might even take decades.
      All the best,

  3. Beautiful!! I love the contrasting colors!

  4. Those are really amazing. Love the black and white.

  5. Hi Mairead –

    We’ll be linking to your blog too on our official Facebook page for An Óige – the Irish Youth Hostel Association if that’s okay with you? Please do let me know! It’s at http://www.facebook.com/anoige if you want to follow too!

    Great photos – lovely to see Errigal captured so well! Hope you got a chance to stay in our fab 5 star hostel right at the foot of Mount Errigal! Perhaps when you’re back in Ireland again you’ll get to see some of the other beautiful places around the country – there’s so many on such a small island I’m still trying to get to them all too! If you like hiking- these pages make quite a good guide: http://anoige.ie/Activities/Hiking-Walking/Hostels-for-hikers.htm!

    Thanks – and Happy Hostelling!

    Julie Ann
    An Óige – Irish Youth Hostel Association

    • Julie Ann – Thanks so much for stopping by and letting me know about your Facebook page for An Óige – the Irish Youth Hostel Association. When I was in college in Ireland many years ago, I stayed in a number of An Óige hostels around Ireland and always found them to be wonderful. I met so many nice people on my travels.
      Thanks for linking to my page and I will follow you on Facebook too.
      All the best,

  6. Your brother-in-law certainly has an eye for Irish beauty Mairead. Beautiful scenery

    • Liam – He really has a great eye with a camera. I am looking forward to searching through his memory cards when we visit in the summer. I always find some beautiful shots.
      Take care and thanks for stopping by.

  7. Hi Mairead, beautiful images, Ireland in snow, special. I suppose those dealing with the snow might differ,

    • Brian – I think Donegal escaped the brunt of last week’s Irish snowfall. Most of the snow fell in Cork and Kerry. These shots were taken in 2010 when Donegal was covered in snow. Unfortunately, they don’t know how to deal with snow in the same efficient way those who live in your neck of the woods do. I remember being astounded by how quickly the roads were cleared when I lived in Elmira, New York, which was hammered by lake effects snow every year.
      All the best,

  8. Wow, what beautiful photos. Absolutely gorgeous!

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