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The best piece of advice I can give tourists visiting Ireland is to get off the beaten path, to discover the road less taken and the hidden treasures awaiting.  However, navigating Ireland’s backroads can be daunting for anyone unaccustomed to winding, narrow roads. 

But fear not!  Help is at hand from the developers of a new website called My Discover Ireland.  Today I am pleased to publish Lianne Murphy’s guest post on this exciting new web tool for tourists to Ireland.

When visiting Ireland, do you know where you’re going or where things are? Most people dive into guidebooks for advice on where to go before arriving in Ireland. What about en-route to these destinations?

With My Discover Ireland, you can enter your starting point and destination and the application will display places you can visit along the route. This breaks up long drives, allows you to get fresh air and makes the journey even more interesting!


My Discover Ireland is similar to Google Maps but with added features to aid tourists in planning their road trips.  For those who like to stray a little off the beaten path, this tool is a must.

Many drivers unknowingly pass fantastic places they could have visited;  But now help is readily available by using MyDiscoverIreland.com

There are five categories to choose from:

  • Culture
  • Museums
  • Outdoors
  • Historic
  • Attractions

You can choose to see as many types of categories you wish, or just one.  The listings are clickable to see more information & photographs.


Screen shot from My Discover Ireland


My Discover Ireland gives an estimation of the basic details of the route distances in kilometers and miles, the duration, fuel costs and driving directions, including turn-by-turn details which are so helpful when navigating Ireland’s roads.

The tool allows people to:

  • Print driving directions
  • Reverse directions
  • Clear map
  • Drag destinations to alternate the order
  • Delete destinations by clicking X

The designed routes are shareable with people by emailing the link, sharing it on Facebook / Twitter or Google+.  Information is at your fingertips.

A big thanks to Lianne Murphy for this guest post submitted on behalf of  MyDiscoverIreland.com

Wishing you all happy new discoveries as you travel the highways and byways of Ireland.


Slán agus beannacht leat!

(Goodbye and blessings)

Irish American Mom


  1. That tool sounds amazingly useful. I’ll have to check out the site. I’ve never actually driven in Ireland – I’ve always depended on public transportation. And that screenshot in the post reminded me how much I want to get to Bantry House some day.

    • Ada – I hope you get to see Bantry House some day soon. It is on my to do list also. I have been to Bantry many times, since I have cousins who live there. Unfortunately we always seem to be so busy visiting we always run out of time before we do the tour of Bantry House. Hopefully I will get there this summer.
      All the best,

  2. Lovely to see about this! My amazing stay in Cork involved day trips to Fota, Cobh, Bantry (and touring Bantry House), and Blarney Castle (of course!). Will enjoy more off-the-beaten path excursions on a future trip. So beautiful.

    • Michele – You really got to see some great spots in Cork – it is a beautiful county. I get to visit every time I go home to Ireland since my family still have a farm there. I hope you make it back to Ireland some day soon to see some more of Ireland’s wonderful scenery and history.
      Best wishes,

  3. This is great!

  4. This looks like a great site! I wondered if I could ask: my friend and I were thinking of taking a fun little girls’ vacation this year, and we’d love to do Ireland, but she said it’d be way too expensive – that flights were $1200 and everyplace would be really pricey to stay. Do you think this is a fair bet, or are there ways to do it fairly inexpensively – maybe under $1000/person for a week?

    • Sarah – Are you hoping to include airfare in that $1000 for a week? The fares I have seen are over $1000 return. If you want to find the most inexpensive places to stay you should check into bed and breakfasts. Here is a good link: http://www.bandbireland.com/
      Also, Liam from the website Got Ireland may have more information. His site has a lot of information about traveling to Ireland and tours. Here is the link: http://www.gotireland.com
      Best of luck with your travel plans.

      • We were, indeed – clearly we were far too hopeful! Thank you so much for Liam’s link, though – it will be great to daydream at now and use in future when a trip is in the budget!

        • Sarah – If you can travel in spring or fall you may be lucky to get a good deal on flights and accommodation, but summer is high season and the prices do go up. Keep planning and saving and someday soon you’ll make it.

  5. The road less taken is probably good advice wherever we are. Hidden treasures do indeed await!

    • Cheryl – There are plenty of highways and byways here in Kentucky just waiting to be explored. I am looking forward to the spring and plenty of weekend road trips with my kids in search of hidden treasures.
      All the best,

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