The Hills Above The Valley by Barry Kinane

Cover Art for The Hills Above the Valley by Barry Kinane

I love Irish music, especially Irish folk songs, and today I’m delighted to publish a guest post by Mattie Lennon introducing the songs of Barry Kinane. The Hills Above The Valley, is a beautiful collection of Barry’s original works, dedicated to his home county of Wicklow.   For anyone whose ancestry links back to Wicklow, the […]

Ships, Boats And Ferries – A Nostalgic Tribute

Irish Ferries

Ferries and ships depart and dock at Dublin’s ports on a daily basis. These boats mesmerize me.  Whenever I am in Dublin I often sit in my car, parked at the Summit in Howth, overlooking Dublin Bay.  Dublin’s waters grow busy, especially during afternoon rush hour. Nostalgia overwhelms me watching Dublin’s shipping lanes. I left […]

Winners Of Sean Feeny’s Northern Soul CD

Sean Feeney

A big thank you to everyone who participated in this week’s giveaway for four copies of Sean Feeny’s Northern Soul CD.  It was lovely to hear how much everyone enjoys Irish music.   Our four lucky winners are: Mary Sullivan Keri David McMurray Julie B. Green   Congratulations to all four winners. I will send […]

Sean Feeny’s Northern Soul – CD Review And Giveaway

Album Cover - Northern Soul

Sean Feeny’s NORTHERN SOUL is a charity CD blending the sounds of motown and soul with the distinct strains of traditional Irish music. To celebrate St. Patrick’s Weekend I thought why not introduce you to this unique and fascinating mixture of Irish and American music styles. And into the bargain, Sean has provided four copies […]

I’m Coming Home – A Song For Christmas by The Jigsaw Jam and Keith O’Brien

I’m Coming Home is a new Christmas song penned by Keith O’Brien and The Jigsaw Jam, and dedicated to the hundreds of thousands of Irish emigrants around the world, who will not be able to make it home for the holidays. Grafton Street’s Christmas lights twinkled in the background as these musicians filmed this heart […]

Instruments of Irish Traditional Music

Traditional Irish Music

Irish Traditional Music is at the heart of Irish culture and today is heard throughout the world. It is not a static, unchanging art form, but an evolving musical inheritance passed down through the ages. In today’s guest post, Damien Peters explores the wide variety of instruments used in traditional Irish music and how non-Irish […]

The Parting Glass By The UCD Choral Scholars

The Parting Glass is one of my favorite songs.  I always thought it was an Irish air when I was growing up, but have since discovered it’s originally Scottish. This song is evidence of the ties between Ireland and Scotland.  With a strong crossover between the two traditions, this air has been truly embraced by […]

Did Saint Patrick Really Banish All The Snakes From Ireland?

The story of St. Patrick banishing all the snakes from Ireland enthralls my children.  I love to watch their eyes open wide when they hear how the good saint charmed the nasty snakes right into the sea. I heard my seven year old recounting the tale to his younger brothers and sister today.   He […]

When Irish Eyes Are Smiling

Irish Eyes

Many Irish songs, both old and new, focus on the power of the eyes. On St. Patrick’s Day many sing-alongs in bars around the world will feature these airs.  The most famous tune of all “When Irish Eyes Are Smiling” was written in America in 1912. Image Credit “When Irish eyes are smiling, sure ’tis […]

Aching Airport Farewells – It’s Never Easy To Leave And Say Goodbye

Irish airports are overflowing with emotion this week, as young Irish people return to America, Canada, England, Australia and many other corners of the globe, they now call home. Image Credit I left Ireland long before the Celtic Tiger roared, and then meowed into oblivion. Back in the late 1980’s when unemployment was over 20%, […]

Over The Rooftops – A New Christmas Song

Earlier this week an old college friend sent me a link for a Christmas song he wrote.  “Over The Rooftops” is written by Frank Foley and performed by “The Allstars”. Ever since I first listened, I have been humming it in my head, singing it to the kids, and driving everyone crazy with my out […]