Introducing Incredible Ireland

Doheny and Nesbitt - Pub Painting by Incredible Ireland

Memories are personal images of life’s journey, and in this day of digital photography we all try to capture life’s special moments through our photos. But have you every thought about preserving your favorite photographic memory through your very own hand painted canvas?   Today I’m delighted to publish a guest post by Incredible Ireland, […]

In A Jiffy

Today my triplets learned a new phrase: “In a jiffy”.   Our jiffy tale started when my little girl asked me what a jiffy is.  She was delighted with my answer.  She is either blessed or bitten by an efficient, perfectionist streak.  She proceeded to spend the whole day describing how she planned to do […]

I Love My Mom Because ……

First let me wish you all a very Happy Mother’s Day today.  To all the Irish mom’s who celebrated Mother’s Day in March, belated Mother’s Day greetings.  Do something special again today, just for you. Here is a little story to brighten your Mother’s Day and which definitely falls into my “out of the mouth […]

A Dublin Nativity Scene – Who Is Looking Over Holy Mary’s Shoulder?

Every time I see a nativity scene it reminds me of a very funny story, told to me by an Irish teacher and friend.  It centers around one little, Dublin girl’s hilarious interpretation of Silent Night.  Image Credit Do your kids listen to Christmas carols, reinvent the words, then sing their own unique version? One […]

Mid-Life Crisis – Is Forty The New Twenty?

40th birthday - over the hill

My eldest son was waiting in car pool line with me one day, when he asked me a very delicate question for any older mother. “Mom, are you the oldest woman in America?”   Such a statement could trigger a mid-life crisis.  I forgot to teach him never to ask a lady her age. Image […]

A Big Brother’s Unwanted Triplet Attention

Triple decker stroller

Triplets, gurgling and playing with their feet in a triple-decker stroller, attract attention.  When my trio were just babies a grocery store trip turned into a full family outing.  Pushing a triplet stroller, and a shopping cart with a two-year-old perched on the seat, was impossible for one.  Dad usually steered the groceries and big […]