Irish American Mothers Plus A Holiday Book Giveaway

The Gift Counselor Cover Image

This Thanksgiving weekend I thought I would share a delightful story of discovery, connection, and blessings during a trip to the Emerald Isle. Sheila M. Cronin is an Irish American writer whose holiday book, The Gift Counselor, won the 2015 Beverly Hills Book Award.  In today’s post Sheila shares a beautiful story of an unexpected […]

Ireland Is Not Just About Potatoes Anymore

When I departed Ireland for the United States in the late 1980’s, I left behind a monocultural society. In the early part of the new millennium over half a million plus immigrants moved to my homeland, and with them they brought a new vibrancy, cultural flair, diversity and a variety of new foods and recipes.  […]

Growing Up Irish And Being An Artist By Kate Hackett

Kate Hackett is an artist and writer, who has tapped into her amazing talents to create and and star in her very own show called “Classic Alice”, which airs on YouTube. Kate is a proud Irish American woman working in the film industry with a show that has a great message: read more, interpret more, […]

The Irish American Influence – Guest Post By Brighid O’Sullivan

Brighid O’Sullivan grew up hearing Irish folk tales from her father in Western Massachusetts. She’s been writing short stories since she was a child and as an adult has written for History Magazine, History Channel magazine, and her local paper. She works full time as a nurse and has just published her debut novel, The […]

The Crest – A Documentary Film About Two Descendants Of The King Of The Blaskets

“Two descendants of an Irish king journey to the island he once presided over — not to reclaim the land, but to surf the waves.” This tagline captured my imagination. Today I am delighted to share a guest post, written by Eliza Kane, co-producer of an amazing documentary film, The Crest.  It tells the story […]

“Diaspora” – Do I Like Or Loathe The Word?

Diaspora Graphic

The word diaspora is tossed around by the Irish media pretty frequently these days.  The term refers to people scattered far and wide, living away from their ancestral homeland.  The Irish Diaspora is estimated at 80 to 100 million people worldwide. I first took note of the word about five years ago when I was […]

Finding Home On The Road Taken

Damien Fox is a young American writer who lives in Chicago, Illinois.  Today, Damien shares his story of finding home in America as a first-generation Irish American child of immigrant parents.   Finding Home On The Road Taken   My grandmother cried the day my mother’s crisp burgundy passport arrived in the mail. And she […]

Are My Children Irish Or American?

Identity Crisis

Many years ago an American friend once asked me if I considered my children to be Irish or American.  I didn’t hesitate for one second before I answered emphatically:   “My children are American.”   I feel very strongly that, as an Irish-born mother of four American kids I must try to raise them without […]

Ireland Reaching Out

Ireland Reaching Out is an amazing project, creating an online, virtual community for the 70 million people of Irish descent worldwide. Irish volunteers at local parish level are literally reaching out to the Irish Diaspora via the internet and inviting them to reengage with the ancestral homes of their forefathers. Image Credit Strong, deep ties […]

Immigrant or Migrant? What Am I?

Florence Henderson - image of the Great Depression

The two words ‘immigrant’ and ‘migrant’ sometimes get confused in my head. These two terms of identity are tossed around frequently by the media, so much so, I paused to reflect upon my own situation. Am I an immigrant or a migrant? I decided I better do some homework on the topic. Here is what […]