Hay Foot, Straw Foot

A Handbook of Irish Dances from 1934

“Hay-foot, straw-foot” was a term my late granny loved to use as we marched around her West Cork farm.   “Let’s go east for the pigs. Come on now. Hay foot, straw foot.”   I remember asking granny why she said “hay-foot, straw-foot”, and she explained that years ago in Ireland hay and straw were […]

Grandpop Was An Immigrant – Guest Post By Phyllis Easterbrook


Phyllis Easterbrook is a writer who lives in Missouri. Her grandfather was born near Ballymena, County Antrim, and in today’s post, she shares some beautiful memories of her Grandpop, her family’s American journey, and lovely insights into life in the row homes of Philadelphia many years ago. And so over to Phyllis for the next […]

Introducing The Baltimore Irish Railroad Workers Museum Plus A DVD Giveaway


When the Irish arrived en masse to the United States in the late 1840’s, many settled in Southwest Baltimore City.  What made Baltimore, Maryland so appealing to immigrants was the hope of finding work on the Baltimore & Ohio railroad. Their legacy is celebrated today at the Irish Railroad Workers Museum, an Irish American historic […]

Tribute To An Irish Mother

Tribute to an Irish Mother - www.irishamericanmom.com

Mothers will be celebrated throughout the United States this Sunday. When working on a post to describe the attributes of Irish and Irish American mothers, I came across this speech, delivered a number of years ago to a gathering of the Irish America Fund, by the Vice President of the United States, Joe Biden. His […]

The Murphy Family Comes to America


Today I am thrilled to share a new immigrant tale – the story of the Murphy family of Seattle, and one reader’s quest to trace his Irish roots. Created by Kerry Thomas Murphy, Seattle, March 27, 2013   This is the story of learning about my Irish family. Like all stories…there has to be a […]

The Crest – A Documentary Film About Two Descendants Of The King Of The Blaskets


“Two descendants of an Irish king journey to the island he once presided over — not to reclaim the land, but to surf the waves.” This tagline captured my imagination. Today I am delighted to share a guest post, written by Eliza Kane, co-producer of an amazing documentary film, The Crest.  It tells the story […]

Irish Genealogy Summer School, University College Cork


Genealogy research is more than the pursuit of knowledge.  It is a search for a generational continuum of mind and spirit, urged on by echoes from the past. How many of us have boxes of black and white photos recording the proud faces of our ancestors?  Some are strangers, some we know through stories, and […]

The Leaving Coat – A Novel By Margaret Mulvihill

The Leaving Coat by Margaret Mulvihill

THE LEAVING COAT is an elegantly written, historical fiction novel by Irish author Margaret Mulvihill.  In today’s post, Margaret explores her inspiration and the historical background for this Irish emigrant saga of the American frontier. Available from Amazon.com in electronic format. THE LEAVING COAT tells the story of a newly-arrived Irish emigrant to New York […]

Irish American Heritage Month 2013


On February 28th, 2013 President Barack Obama declared March 2013 to officially be Irish American Heritage Month. The Irish have come of age in America.   Image Credit Official recognition of our cultural contributions to the growth and development of this nation bears testament to the struggles, sacrifices and tenacity of our forefathers.  In 2011, […]

“Change The Sky” – A Memoir By Joseph T. O’Donnell

Change The Sky - Cover-001

In 1967 an Irish immigrant decided to single-handedly build a house, to take his beloved family out of a cramped Philadelphia alley.   Joseph T. O’Donnell watched his father build, brick-by-brick, board-by-board, slate-by-slate.  What he witnessed was more than a house rising, but one man’s determination to live the American dream and change the sky for […]

When You Go Will You Send Back A Letter From America


In the late 1980’s the Scottish band, The Proclaimers had a big hit with their song “Letter from America.”  I love this song, and listen to it regularly.  Here are two of its most memorable lines: When you go will you send back a letter from America? Take a look up the rail track from […]