Blog Awards Ireland 2015


Some good news to share with you all today.  Irish American Mom has been shortlisted for the Blog Awards Ireland 2015, in the best blog of the Irish diaspora category. I’m thrilled with this news.  My blog was first nominated for these awards by an anonymous reader of my recipes and ramblings. Whoever you you […]

Why Blogging Is Hard Work.

I have learned many lessons since I first started blogging way back in October 2011. First and foremost, I now know that blogging is hard work, and involves a lot more than just writing. 1. Social Media and Marketing   You must write, and write plenty, but that’s just the beginning of a blogging journey. […]

Off To Ireland To Cook A Stew

A short while ago I shared news about the World Irish Stew Championship being organized in County Sligo this week as part of the Gathering initiative. On a whim I entered my recipe for Guinness Beef Stew.  Believe it or not, my recipe was chosen for the homecook’s portion of the competition.   I was completely […]

Thanks For Your Support

Yesterday I got some great news.  Irish American Mom won the gold award for best expat blog in the USA.  Thank you all for your support, your comments, your votes, and above all for reading my ramblings. I thoroughly enjoyed reviewing your comments on the expats blog page.  Your insights help me better understand what […]

My Nomination For The Expat Blog Awards & A Request For Your Support


Last week I got a lovely surprise.  My blog has been nominated for the Expat Blog Awards, run by, a site for bloggers from around the world living away from the country of their birth. The best five blogs from each country will be recognized, and other worthy sites will also be included in […]

Oh, To Be A Techie Celt!

I apologize to all those who have tried to access my blog only to receive an error message.  My site has crashed and burned on many occasions over the past week.  I promise I am trying my best to set this right, and hoping and praying my best will be good enough.   But alack […]

Discovering The Joy Of Blogging

I wrestled with the idea of starting my blog for some months, before finally taking the plunge, writing a few posts, and sticking them on the internet for all the world to see. Image Credit Initially I feared opening the potential proverbial flood gates of unknown criticism, of judgement from others who may not understand […]

Got Ireland – A Great Irish Website is one of my favorite Irish websites online.  Created and written by a fellow Irishman, Liam, who also now calls the US home, it is a fantastic place to learn about all the great things Ireland has to offer. Image Credit His logo is stunningly beautiful with intricate Celtic knotwork highlighting the lettering.  I […]

To Tweet Or Not To Tweet?


Any blogger worth their salt, seems to be a tweeting expert. I feel it’s a bit like wintergreen toothpaste – you either love it or hate it. Right now I am just not sure. I know I should set up a Twitter account to accompany IrishAmericanMom. I keep asking myself if I know how to […]