I left a comment on your site, so why can I not see it?

Sometimes it will take a little while to see your comment appear on my site.  I moderate comments on my blog.  On occasion I can be away from my computer, keeping up with the busy life of a mother-of-four.  I may not be able to publish your comment as quickly as you had hoped.  Please accept my apologies for any delays, but my golden rule is, and always will be, family first.

Sometimes I may choose not to publish your comment.  This is a positive, upbeat blog for sharing, not criticizing.  Should I deem a comment to be inappropriate, then I reserve the right not to publish it.  Here is a list of reasons I might find a comment unacceptable:

  • rude or sharply critical words,
  • politically charged comments that might spark a firestorm of debate, (The Irish political fire has been smoldering for over 800 years.  I have no intention of fueling it.)
  • comments left for the sole purpose of advertising,
  • comments containing any bad language.

I know I may upset potential readers by my stance on comments.  By not moderating comments, I believe I run the risk of offending even more loyal readers.  Not everyone appreciates the Irish turn of phrase, which often inadvertently includes bad language.  Thank you for your understanding and being kind enough to accept this little housekeeping issue.


Can I copy posts from your blog and share them on my blog?


The content of IrishAmericanMom.com is copyrighted, including all text, and original photographs.  Any content or photographs used from another source contain a credit link back to the original owner of the work.   Please do not copy and paste full posts without express written permission from me.

However, if you do happen upon a paragraph or a section of a post you particularly like, I encourage you to share a paragraph or two with others on your blog or website.  I do request that you provide a link back to IrishAmericanMom.com, so that your readers know where the original can be found. Thanks so much for understanding and spreading the word about Irish American Mom.


Can I advertise my products or company on IrishAmericanMom.com?

At this time I am not accepting advertising on this blog.  Since my site is in its infancy, I plan to focus on content for the first three months, and hopefully build my readership.  When I become more adept in my blogging capabilities, I may consider publishing a select number of advertisements.  Please feel free to contact me, if you believe this site may be a good fit for your advertising needs in the future.