Immigrant Tales

For many American families their past is slipping away. Those with knowledge of personal immigration tales are passing on, taking their family history with them to the grave. I firmly believe we need to record our stories, before there is no one left who remembers our family folklore; before there is no one left to tell us where we came from. Credit


In the nineteenth century many Irish American stories were lost, never committed to the annals of history. In the years after the Great Hunger, the Irish became a silent people. Memories of this devastating calamity were just too painful to recall.

We always believe opportunities to record await us in the future. Our busy lives prevent us finding the extra moments required to write our memories, to record our family stories. Time marches on, and unfortunately by the time we are ready to write, it is often too late to document these precious family anecdotes or jokes, memories or memoirs, fables or wind-swept, historical sagas.

Here, I plan to post ‘Coming to America’ stories.

Modern era tales will be posted in the Stories from the Present section.

Stories of Our Ancestors will be dedicated to immigrant tales from centuries past.


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And so, I encourage you to write your family stories before it is too late.  If you would like to share your tale, I invite you to use this blog as your platform.  Whatever corner of the globe you hail from, I love warm, touching American success stories.  Please check out my submission page for contact information.

I look forward to hearing your family’s wonderful immigrant tales.