The written and spoken word is revered in Ireland. A deft use of language, is a worldwide, renowned, Irish virtue. Those who can string words together romantically, forming lyrical sentences are revered. Many of the literary geniuses of the world have hailed from Ireland. Joyce, Yeats, and Swift, are but a few of our greats.

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There is an old Irish saying that goes like this:


If wars were fought with words,

Ireland would rule the world.”


The word ‘bard’ tends to bring Shakespeare to mind. The term originally referred to the ancient order of Celtic poets, whose verses, stories, and proverbs, were handed down orally, through the generations.

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In Wise Old Words we will examine some of the tales and sayings, that have survived to this very day. Much advice is held in their soft words, easing the harshness of the vital, life lessons they carry. Hopefully, we will go beyond the more widely known sayings, and delve into some expressions, seldom heard.

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Irish Blessings can be beautiful, poetic, witty, and sometimes, just downright hilarious. The mystical benedictions of our ancient, Irish forebears, were not empty-headed murmurings. Our forefathers believed in the great power of prayerfully, expressed words. The warmth of these heart-felt wishes is moving to this very day. Together, we will examine these rays of sunshine wished down upon us from the heavens, thereby furthering our understanding, of how family has always been, the center of the Irish universe.