“I may not have gone where I intended to go,

but I think I have ended up, where I needed to

be.” – Douglas Adams


When I first came to America, over twenty years ago, I felt like a stranger in a new land. Even at the time I became a U.S. Citizen ten years later, I still did not feel really American.

Not until I gave birth to four beautiful, American children, did my personal, American Evolution accelerate. No longer taunted by guilt-ridden feelings of abandonment of my homeland, I have grown to appreciate my new American life, as I live it, right here and right now.

The blogging process and discipline of writing, remind me to treasure my past, embrace my future, and enjoy my present. These are the ramblings of a life-long reader, wanderer, day dreamer, and new American.

Together, let’s pause to savor life’s simple pleasures – stillness, friendship, sunrises and sunsets, nature walks, rain, and family.

I plan to tag my Rambling Blog Posts in the following subcategories:

I hope you will enjoy the stories of my journey.