Handmade Christmas Gifts – Crochet Angels

Handmade gifts are treasured by both giver and receiver.  Love and care is woven into knitted and crocheted craft items.  Judging by how busy our local craft store has been this Christmas season, I truly believe homemade gifts are growing more and more popular and appreciated each year.

When I started my blog I promised to share some of my own homemade crafts, so for Christmas I chose to crochet some lacy angels using vintage clothespins.   Perhaps, it is my Irish genes, that draw me towards this old, yet classic skill.

Lace making is a traditional Irish craft, world famous for delicate, but intricate designs.  In the 1800’s Irish women supplemented their family incomes by crafting lace collars, curtains, doilies and table cloths.  Their simple, but beautiful patterns were purchased by wealthier Irish and Anglo-Irish families.  Those who could afford the luxury of lace were nick-named “lace curtain Irish.”


I found an old pattern I had stored away long before my triplets were born.  I am so happy to rediscover my own craftiness.  All needles and potential dangerous weapons were packed away during my trio’s crazy, toddler years.  I was so happy to leaf through my old patterns once again, planning what I could make.

The Christmas Clothespin Angel pattern I found seems to be out of print, but a few used copies are still available on Amazon.

The rounded top of a vintage clothespin makes a perfect head for these little angels.  I tweaked the pattern a little, adding gold trim to the wings rather than making them in one solid color.

The angels’ delicate skirts are cinched together at the waist using a narrow, golden ribbon, tied in a bow.

The clothespin’s peg is perfect for standing the angels on a tree branch.

If you like these Christmas angels, come back and visit this weekend, when I will introduce a special Christmas giveaway, featuring a gift-pack of 3 of my handcrafted crochet angels as the prize.

Happy Christmas crafting to all!

Slan agus beannacht leat!

(Goodbye and blessings)



Irish American Mom