The End Of An Era – Postal Codes Have Arrived In Ireland

Irish Postal Van and old Irish phone booth

Today is a day for the history books in Ireland. Official postal codes are being introduced throughout the Republic of Ireland.   What? A country without postal codes?   Until today, Ireland was a numberless country, toying with global logistics gurus throughout the world, by using personalized addresses with mysterious locations known only by the […]

The Best Events In Ireland For 2015

During the summer months Ireland is a land of festivals, celebrations and events. From food festivals to music events, family festivals to active group adventures, Ireland is always a great place to be over the summer. Image Credit I love festivals – I think this affinity for celebrations is an innate part of my Irish […]

The Thatched Cottage As A Symbol Of Ireland

The thatched roof cottage with whitewashed walls is a powerful symbol of Ireland, often featured on postcards. This quaint, traditional image immediately represents Ireland for many people throughout the world. I love thatched cottages. Every time I see one on television, on the internet, or smiling at me from the pages of a magazine, I […]

History Of The Aran Sweater Plus A Giveaway From Standún, Spiddal

Hand knitting is an ancient craft, perfected by the people of Ireland, where sheep and wool are plentiful. The Aran sweater has evolved into a national icon, and I consider it to be Ireland’s most significant contribution to international style.  In today’s post we’ll explore the origins of these traditional Irish sweaters and I’ll introduce […]

Rules Of The Irish Clothesline

Hanging out the wash – oh how I remember the drill.  With clothes pegs (or pins) balanced precariously between my teeth, I hung shirts and skirts, hankies and socks, sheets and towels, all in neat and ordered rows. In the Ireland of my youth the clothesline dance was learned at an early age.  Today electric […]

An American Author in Ireland

Claire Fullerton is a “writer, wife, animal lover and perpetual ballet student who divides her time between Malibu, and a little fairy cottage in Carmel-by-the Sea.”   I love Claire’s quotation on her website explaining what it is to be a writer:   “I’m like many writers:  we have an inexplicable urge   to contribute, […]

Living In Ireland, Then And Now

Life in Ireland has changed significantly over the past 150 years.  Old images relate stories of the past to us, but have you ever wondered how specific locations in Ireland might have changed with the passing of time? In today’s post a Cork Photographer tells of his experiences in recreating some of the region’s most […]

Irish Farm Safety

Farm safety is a key issue for Irish farmers. Unfortunately many lives were lost and severe injuries sustained on Irish farms last year. A big safety awareness initiative is currently underway in Ireland to help save lives. The Irish Farmers Journal is a weekly agricultural newspaper which I remember well from my childhood days. Although […]

What Are You Giving Up For Lent?

Today is Ash Wednesday, the first day of the Lenten Season and a day when many receive ashes, marked in a cross on our foreheads as a symbol of our mortality. Image Credit I remember receiving ashes in school as a little girl in Dublin. We held the hair of our fringes (bangs in America) […]

Bidding Farewell – A Not-So-Simple Irish Ritual

Saying goodbye and departing a friend’s home may be a simple act in America, but in Ireland there is an unwritten code of honor that guides farewell rituals. There are superstitions that must be adhered to, or God forbid you may draw some form of ill fate upon your unsuspecting self. I always remember my […]

What Is Irish Turf?

When most Americans hear the word “turf”, an image of green grass immediately comes to mind, like the lush green turf of a golf course.  For Irish people the word conjures up dreams of lapping flames, and the distinctive smells of a turf fire. And so today I thought I might introduce my American readers […]