Loughcrew Megalithic Centre

Sunlight Entering a Cairn at Lough Crew Megalithic Site

Ireland’s ancient monuments are just waiting to be discovered by tourists interested in learning about their ancestral heritage.   Today I’m delighted to take you off the beaten path once again, to discover one of Ireland’s spectacular megalithic sites at Loughcrew. And so I’m going to hand you over to the good folk from Loughcrew […]

The Best Events In Ireland For 2015


During the summer months Ireland is a land of festivals, celebrations and events. From food festivals to music events, family festivals to active group adventures, Ireland is always a great place to be over the summer. Image Credit I love festivals – I think this affinity for celebrations is an innate part of my Irish […]

The Meaning of Some Popular Irish Last Names


Many of us bear Irish last names or surnames as we say in Ireland. But have you ever wondered about the origins of these Irish names? Image Credit What are the most common Irish last names found world wide? From where in Ireland do these family names hail? What is the most common surname in […]

Living In Ireland, Then And Now


Life in Ireland has changed significantly over the past 150 years.  Old images relate stories of the past to us, but have you ever wondered how specific locations in Ireland might have changed with the passing of time? In today’s post a Cork Photographer tells of his experiences in recreating some of the region’s most […]

What Is Irish Turf?


When most Americans hear the word “turf”, an image of green grass immediately comes to mind, like the lush green turf of a golf course.  For Irish people the word conjures up dreams of lapping flames, and the distinctive smells of a turf fire. And so today I thought I might introduce my American readers […]

Ireland’s Arched Bridges


Arched stone bridges remind me of Ireland. Dotted around the countryside, they span Ireland’s many streams and rivers. I love these old bridges. They seem to tell stories of days long gone, and the many generations who passed over their arches in centuries past. Image Credit Enduring testaments to the skills of Irish and English […]

Introducing A New Social Community For Movers To Ireland


I often receive e-mails from readers asking me for tips about moving to Ireland.  Finding a trusted, thorough, and well researched resource was not easy, well not until now. The Ireland Move Club has been specially designed to help answer the questions that arise along the way, when planning a move to Ireland. Liam, the […]

The Irish Cuppa Tea Plus A Giveaway From Dolmen County Retailers


Believe it or not, Ireland is one of the leading consumers of tea per capita on the planet. Now I would have assumed India or China might receive this honor, but no, the people of Turkey, Morocco and Ireland love their cuppa the most. And I for one, am a tea-loving, Irish woman. I love […]

Top Ten Reasons Why Tourists Love Ireland


Reasons for loving Ireland abound, and as many tourists will attest it is difficult to determine what exactly is so attractive about the Emerald Isle. But in today’s blog post I will attempt to narrow down these reasons to my top ten. I count amongst the millions of people worldwide, who simply love Ireland.  My […]

The Wild Atlantic Way

The Blasket Islands

Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way stretches from West Cork to Donegal, hugging the rugged coastline. Around every twist and turn of its rural roads, tourists can experience some of the most spectacular scenery in the whole wide world. So many words come to mind when trying to describe the sheer magnificence of this scenery – wild, […]

Memories Of Secret Coves, Hidden Steps and Pirate Queens


On the hill of Howth in north County Dublin a secret pirate cove awaits would-be explorers, daring enough to descend one hundred and ninety-nine steps carved out of the sheer cliff face. In my post today, I once again hope to take you off the beaten path, and help you discover some of Ireland’s hidden […]