Multiple Mothering

Here I share some of my observations, experiences, trials, tribulations and joys of being the mother of four, three of whom are triplets.

Back To School And The Joy Of Shopping Alone

My Shopping Cart

It’s back to school time for my four kids. I did a happy dance on the first day of kindergarten for my triplets.  The joy, the freedom, the peace between my two ears – there are no words to describe this glorious feeling. My haphazard, scattered, hit-and-miss, summer blogging schedule has officially come to an […]

Thanks America For An Abundance Of Clean Toilets

Potty training triplets involved developing an astute awareness of the nearest location of public restrooms.  During those first few months of independent toileting the words “I got to go” echoed through my brain. Wherever we went I seemed to spend my time running to and from the bathroom, escorting one of my trio to their […]

To School On Time – Enrolling Triplets In Pre-School

Here is a little advice for mothers of multiples when choosing a pre-school.  I always thought I would enroll my triplets in an early morning class, but when I was given the option of a noontime class, I jumped at the idea. Why would a mother do such a thing? Would it not be easier […]

My Cookie Monsters

Cup of Tea and Biscuits

In my teenage years I loved sitting down to a cup of afternoon tea and a few biscuits with my Mom, when I got back from school. Such a perfect time to connect. Mom always listened, as I recounted my tales. I am so thankful she spent a short while chatting with me everyday. I […]