Irish Expressions Of Gratitude For Thanksgiving

vintage turkey on a platter

Proverbs and blessings from Ireland often reflect a deep sense of gratitude, and hopefulness. Despite a tumultuous history, full of trials and tribulations, the wise old words of our Irish ancestors are full of simple appreciation for life. And so this Thanksgiving I thought why not delve into a little bit of Irish gratitude, to […]

The Thatched Cottage As A Symbol Of Ireland

The thatched roof cottage with whitewashed walls is a powerful symbol of Ireland, often featured on postcards. This quaint, traditional image immediately represents Ireland for many people throughout the world. I love thatched cottages. Every time I see one on television, on the internet, or smiling at me from the pages of a magazine, I […]

Christmas Lights In Dublin

Dublin is magical at Christmas time. Glittering lights festoon the city’s streets bringing festive cheer to all. This year I’ll be in Ireland for Christmas, and what better way is there to celebrate than by sharing some photos of Dublin’s Fair City, adorned in all her Christmas glory. Dublin’s Christmas light show may not be […]

Introducing A New Social Community For Movers To Ireland

I often receive e-mails from readers asking me for tips about moving to Ireland.  Finding a trusted, thorough, and well researched resource was not easy, well not until now. The Ireland Move Club has been specially designed to help answer the questions that arise along the way, when planning a move to Ireland. Liam, the […]

Oreo – Our Soccer Loving Border Collie

I love border collies. Their intensity, energy, loyalty and intelligence simply amazes me. In a previous post I introduced my love of these amazing canine companions, but I have failed to update everyone on how our very own border collie puppy, Oreo has become a really important part of our family. And here she is!  […]

“Hope In New York City” – A Young Adult Novel By Cynthia G. Neale

Hope in New York City: The Continuing Story of The Irish Dresser by Cynthia G. Neale tells America’s story, through the eyes of a young Irish immigrant, Nora McCabe. Today I am delighted to introduce you to the second installment in an Irish American trilogy for young adult readers. Image Credit In this book we […]

Handmade Cards – Perfect For The Holidays

Merry Christmas Stars Greeting Card

Handmade Christmas cards are a perfect way to let friends and family know you are thinking of them this holiday season.  Today I thought I might introduce you to the beautiful handiwork of one of my most loyal readers. Believe it or not, her name is Mairead (rhymes with parade) also.  She is an Irish-born […]

Oops! Some Empty Pages!

As you click through some of my subcategory pages, you will find them empty.  As I post more stories each and every day, these pages will slowly, but surely, start filling up.  Come back and visit often, and before you know it, there will be lots of great reads, just waiting to be discovered. Photo […]