Kentucky’s Fall Colors 2012

Fall is perhaps the most spectacular of all four seasons in Kentucky.  My eyes delight in autumnal bursts of vibrant, rustic colors.  Although the leaves may be dying, drifting slowly to the ground, there is something hopeful about crisp, fall air. Autumn begins with subtle changes in light, a darkening of the evening hours, and […]

Louisville’s Sidewalk Derby

Image - Sidewalk Derby Downtown Louisville

Kentucky is Horse Country USA and Louisville is home to the famous Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs.  But Louisville is home to another equine derby, locally known as the Sidewalk Derby. In 2009, the Gallopalooza Showcase auctioned a herd of 132 artistic horses to local businesses and individuals.   These beautifully crafted sculptures can be […]

Kentucky’s Wild Flowers

Red Kentucky Wildflowers

Today is May Day or Bealtaine, the traditional Celtic feast day dedicated to  celebrating new life and nature. Here in Kentucky our trees are in full leaf.  Wildflowers color the fields and forests.  The world is blooming, brimming  over with new plants.  The sun is shining, warming the air temperatures to promote new growth.  Mother […]

Louisville’s Brown Hotel – Home Of The Kentucky Hot Brown

Ornate Ceiling - Brown Hotel Lobby - Louisville

Louisville’s historic Brown Hotel will become home to many tourists visiting our city this week for the famous Kentucky Derby.  Revered as the finest hotel in the city its opulent two-story lobby is truly breathtaking. To celebrate Derby Week I thought I might dedicate my posts to my new hometown and state.  So why not […]

Georgia On My Mind

In today’s post we skip down the tracks for a short photo tour of Georgia from my mind’s eye. Georgia means breathtaking vistas framed by mountain pines. Historic old towns in the shadow of tall water towers. Quaint stores inviting passers-by to stop in for a chat. Inspiring murals! Historical railroads! Shady benches to escape […]

Henry’s Ark Animal Farm – A Little-Known Kentucky Treasure

Ostrich at Henry's Ark

Henry’s Ark is a 600-acre farm located in Prospect, Kentucky about 10 miles from Louisville, and is home to over 100 animals.  Many people have never heard of this wonderful, private zoo, even those who grew up in Louisville.  Henry’s Ark is a little-known Kentucky treasure. Some farm residents roam freely amongst visitors.  The parking […]

Autumn Leaves – Fall Foliage in Kentucky

Fall trees on country road

  I love autumn and all the dramatic changes it brings to the tree covered hills and mountains of Kentucky.  I am blessed to live in a state with miles of highways and byways, bordered in fiery red, crimson, orange and golden hues each and every fall.  Pretty Sunday afternoon drives are guaranteed along the […]

Pumpkin Patch Magic

tractor ride to pumpkin patch

I never realized how truly amazing a trip to a pumpkin patch can be for kids until I moved to Kentucky.  The Louisville area is home to many farms, which turn into autumn wonderlands for our children each year. Last year we visited a very small pumpkin patch, which delighted my four children.  This year […]