Knockalla or Port Salon Beach, County Donegal – One Of Ireland’s Most Beautiful Beaches


Ireland’s beaches are spectacular, and one of the most stunning of all is Knockalla Strand, also known as Portsalon Beach, in County Donegal. And so, as everyone head’s back to work on this Monday morning,I thought why not start the week off with some beautiful scenery. Hopefully, these peaceful views of Ireland’s shoreline will set […]

Old Irish Road Signs – Giveaway

Old Irish road signs are an instantly recognizable feature from Ireland and times past.  Only a few originals actually remain in place on our roads today, mostly in isolated and rural areas. Luckily some original street name signs can still be seen in towns and buildings throughout the country. These distinctive white and black signs […]

Memories Of Secret Coves, Hidden Steps and Pirate Queens

On the hill of Howth in north County Dublin a secret pirate cove awaits would-be explorers, daring enough to descend one hundred and ninety-nine steps carved out of the sheer cliff face. In my post today, I once again hope to take you off the beaten path, and help you discover some of Ireland’s hidden […]

Irish Cottage Kitchens Of Days Gone By

In traditional Irish cottages of days gone by, the kitchen was the central hub, witnessing the busy comings and goings of daily life. The turf-burning hearth was the focal point. I have lovely, peaceful memories of my own granny’s kitchen. When I was a very young child a black kettle was constantly boiling, hanging from […]

Lingering Irish Twilight

Twilight is a mystical time, especially during summertime in Ireland. The sun struggles to set on the western ocean horizon, casting supernatural light across the waves and land. Here twilight is not measured in minutes or hours, but by magical, timeless moments. For most readers the word ‘twilight’ conjures up images of vampires and Stephanie […]

Snowdrops And Daffodils And Flowers Of The Spring


The first sight of Irish snowdrops in early spring brings hope of warmer days ahead. I love these little, dainty flowers.  They truly lift my spirits after the dark days of winter. Ireland’s snowdrop crop of 2014 has already bloomed.  Tiny flowers, as white as pearls, sway on green-hooked stems, shaped like St. Patrick’s crozier. […]

Irish Cottage Windows

Nostalgic images of Irish cottage windows adorn postcards, calendars, placemats, mugs and numerous other mementos created to help tourists remember their days spent in the Emerald Isle. Some claim this image is overused and just plain touristy, but for me it is synonymous with my homeland. Simple, small wooden windows often sport old black kettles. […]

Dublin’s Maytime Flowers

Flowers make my soul smile – wild or manicured my eyes appreciate the glories of their blossoms.  Baskets, boxes, bouquets, pots, planters, you name it, I love them all once they are full of flowers. I just returned from a quick visit to Ireland.  Dublin’s flowers are spectacular at the moment, so I couldn’t help […]

What I Miss About Ireland: Robins

Irish Robin On A Planter

  Robins remind me of Ireland.  I remember gardening with my mother as a child, and being amazed by how tame robins appeared.  They often followed us around the garden, pecking for worms and insects in the grass as we worked. Irish robins are much smaller than the American variety.  I remember seeing an American […]

“Anyone For The Last Of The Wrappin’ Paper?”

Whenever I unfold a big roll of American Christmas wrapping paper my thoughts wander back to the wrappin’ paper of my childhood, sold by the ladies of Moore Street.   “Anyone For The Last Of The Wrappin’ Paper?”   Image Credit I fondly remember the chorus of street vendors throughout Henry Street on Christmas Eve.  […]

Memories Of Irish Sunsets

Sunset is a beautiful time of day, a time when we think about the day that is fading and dream of the day that is not yet born.  Lingering Irish sunsets encourage such reflective thoughts. Image Credit This week I have been working on my County Galway post. As I searched for photos of the […]