President John F. Kennedy – An Irish American Who Inspired A Generation


Today, on the 50th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s death, I pay tribute to him, an Irish American who inspired a generation and beyond. Image Credit As a child growing up in Ireland I often heard people talk of where they were when they first heard of JFK’s assassination. Irish people revered Kennedy.  All […]

American Kindness

It is hard to fathom the extent of human suffering and loss in the wake of the devastating tornadoes in Oklahoma this week. As I try to comprehend the human suffering in the town of Moore, I have been struck by the amazing strength of the people of Oklahoma and by the kindness of America. […]

A Snowy Kentucky Spring 2013

Snowy Daffodils

Where is Spring?  That’s what I want to know. I thought Punxsutawney Phil predicted an early spring this year, but boy oh boy, did he get it wrong. As a fully fledged American I grew to believe the famous groundhog’s prediction had teeth. I always thought it would be great fun to attend the celebrations […]

Fish On Friday And The Discovery Of The New World.

Beer battered cod with chips and mushy peas

Fish on Friday is a traditional Catholic “sacrifice” for the Lenten season.  Growing up in Ireland we ate fish every Friday of Lent.  When I moved to Kentucky I was surprised to see how strong the tradition is here. Many churches host a Friday Lenten Fish Fry. Maybe I enjoy our Kentucky Fish Fry so […]

If Asked Would You Like A Drink In America, Just Say “Yes”!

Cup of Tea and Biscuits

Today we are going to explore a little cultural nuance between Ireland and America.  When visiting someone’s home in America, if offered a drink, always answer “yes” straight away.  The offer is made at the start of the visit, with no extended repetitions until you finally accept. The opposite is true in Ireland.  If offered […]