Irish Poems For Mother’s Day

Ireland is a land of poets and poetry. What better way could there be to celebrate Mother’s Day, than to explore how Irish poets have immortalized mothers in lyrical words and verses over the years. Image Credit If you have visited my blog before, my love of poetry will be no surprise. Little ditties, Irish […]

The History And Origins Of St. Patrick

Today we celebrate St. Patrick, and everything that is Irish – our customs and culture, our language, our heritage, our food and drink. And I raise my glass to you – the readers of my blog. Thank you all for following my ramblings and recipes. I appreciate your support and your comments throughout my years […]

Leprechaun Tricks And Pranks For St. Patrick’s Day

Leprechauns are up to all their old tricks now that St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner. They love to pop in for an unexpected visit, leaving their mark wherever they go. I love how American teachers and parents embrace our favorite Irish holiday, welcoming these little Irish pranksters into their classrooms and homes […]

Valentine’s Day In Ireland

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and many of you may be curious about how Irish people celebrate this most romantic day of the year. Image Credit And here’s a little question to whet your appetite for romantic information about my fellow country men and women….   Which Irish person receives the most Valentine’s cards each […]

Christmas – ‘Tis The Season For Singing.

Christmas time is singing time, whether you enjoy Christmas tunes on the radio or listening to carol singers. Being able to hold a tune is truly a blessing at this time of year. Alack and alas, I was at the back of the line when tuneful vocal chords were being handed out. Image Credit To […]

Christmas Crackers

Christmas crackers were part and parcel of all my childhood Christmases in Ireland. My sisters and I loved playing with these festive, popping, paper tubes before we tucked into our Christmas dinner. On Christmas Day our place settings always included a Christmas cracker lovingly laid above our spoons.  Patiently waiting to start our cracker games, […]

“Santy” – The Name I Used For Santa Claus, When I Was A Little Girl In Ireland

Santa Claus is the name my children call good old Father Christmas, but when I was a little girl in Dublin, I called the red suited toy deliverer “Santy”.  Or maybe that should be spelled “Santee”, I’m not certain. Image Credit For weeks before Christmas everyone in Dublin seemed to be interested in what good […]

Why Graveyards Remind Me Of Christmas

Visiting our departed loved ones at Christmas is an age old Irish tradition. My childhood memories of Christmas Day include a trip to the local cemetery to say a prayer at the gravesides of our deceased relatives and friends. To many this may seem a very grave matter for Christmas time, but if like me […]

Favorite John O’Donohue Quotations Especially For Thanksgiving

Wishing everyone a very happy Thanksgiving. To celebrate this day of reflection and thankfulness here are some quotations from John O’Donohue (1956-2008), an Irish scholar, poet and philosopher, and expert on Celtic spirituality.  This selection of his beautiful words focuses upon gratitude and blessings. May you experience each day as a sacred gift woven around […]

Tribute To An Irish Mother

Tribute to an Irish Mother -

Mothers will be celebrated throughout the United States this Sunday. When working on a post to describe the attributes of Irish and Irish American mothers, I came across this speech, delivered a number of years ago to a gathering of the Irish America Fund, by the Vice President of the United States, Joe Biden. His […]

Good Friday Traditions In Ireland

Celtic Crosses at Cashel

Good Friday is a strange name for the day the Son of God was put to death, but it is generally believed to be derived from the term God’s Friday.  To mark Good Friday, I thought I would share some photos of Irish Celtic crosses which I took last summer, and review some old Irish […]