Thoughts On The Papal Visit


Pope Francis has returned to Rome after a hectic trip to the United States, where he was greeted by large and enthusiastic crowds.  Traveling to the east coast was not possible for me, but I followed his trip carefully throughout the past week. Image Credit And so today I thought I might pause, and focus […]

Blog Awards Ireland 2015


Some good news to share with you all today.  Irish American Mom has been shortlisted for the Blog Awards Ireland 2015, in the best blog of the Irish diaspora category. I’m thrilled with this news.  My blog was first nominated for these awards by an anonymous reader of my recipes and ramblings. Whoever you you […]

Covered Bridges – Iconic Symbols of America

Covered Bridge in Indiana, USA

Covered bridges, for me, are iconic symbols of America.  Every time I see one, whether on film or in real life, I experience a twinge of nostalgia. When you consider great American bridges you probably immediately think of engineering marvels like the Brooklyn Bridge and the Golden Gate Bridge. However I believe covered bridges should […]

The End Of An Era – Postal Codes Have Arrived In Ireland

Irish Postal Van and old Irish phone booth

Today is a day for the history books in Ireland. Official postal codes are being introduced throughout the Republic of Ireland.   What? A country without postal codes?   Until today, Ireland was a numberless country, toying with global logistics gurus throughout the world, by using personalized addresses with mysterious locations known only by the […]

Introducing Incredible Ireland

Doheny and Nesbitt - Pub Painting by Incredible Ireland

Memories are personal images of life’s journey, and in this day of digital photography we all try to capture life’s special moments through our photos. But have you every thought about preserving your favorite photographic memory through your very own hand painted canvas?   Today I’m delighted to publish a guest post by Incredible Ireland, […]

Irish Poems For Mother’s Day

Ireland is a land of poets and poetry. What better way could there be to celebrate Mother’s Day, than to explore how Irish poets have immortalized mothers in lyrical words and verses over the years. Image Credit If you have visited my blog before, my love of poetry will be no surprise. Little ditties, Irish […]

Bring Me Back A Rock!

A stick of rock! Who remembers these tubes of hardened sugar, we savored as kids.  In Ireland these traditional, cylindrical, boiled sweets were usually dyed pink and white, or sometimes festooned in our patriotic colors of green, white and orange. When a friend or relative was heading to the beach, or seaside as we say […]

If I Were A Lady …. I’d Wear A Hat

It’s Kentucky Derby weekend, and the people of Louisville are donning their finest attire for a day at the races. Ornate hats will balance atop the heads of well-heeled ladies, as they watch the Run for the Roses tomorrow. Image Credit These fashion statements of Churchill Downs may be relics of the past, yet Kentucky […]

The History And Origins Of St. Patrick

Today we celebrate St. Patrick, and everything that is Irish – our customs and culture, our language, our heritage, our food and drink. And I raise my glass to you – the readers of my blog. Thank you all for following my ramblings and recipes. I appreciate your support and your comments throughout my years […]

Leprechaun Tricks And Pranks For St. Patrick’s Day

Leprechauns are up to all their old tricks now that St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner. They love to pop in for an unexpected visit, leaving their mark wherever they go. I love how American teachers and parents embrace our favorite Irish holiday, welcoming these little Irish pranksters into their classrooms and homes […]