Rules Of The Irish Clothesline

Washing on the line in County Mayo

Hanging out the wash – oh how I remember the drill.  With clothes pegs (or pins) balanced precariously between my teeth, I hung shirts and skirts, hankies and socks, sheets and towels, all in neat and ordered rows. In the Ireland of my youth the clothesline dance was learned at an early age.  Today electric […]

An American Author in Ireland

Dancing To An Irish Reel Book Cover

Claire Fullerton is a “writer, wife, animal lover and perpetual ballet student who divides her time between Malibu, and a little fairy cottage in Carmel-by-the Sea.”   I love Claire’s quotation on her website explaining what it is to be a writer:   “I’m like many writers:  we have an inexplicable urge   to contribute, […]

Remembering Easter Monday 1916 Plus Introducing The Easter Commemoration Digest


On Easter Monday 1916, nearly ninety-nine years ago, Patrick Pearse and the Irish Volunteers, assembled at various prearranged meeting points in Dublin, in a bid to win Irish freedom from British rule. Image Credit   The Irish Proclamation of Independence:   At four minutes past noon on Easter Monday, April 24th, 1916, Patrick Pearse read […]

Simnel Cake For Easter

Easter cake or simnel cake

Simnel cake is a traditional Easter cake baked in Ireland and throughout the British Isles. A rich fruity cake, it has a layer of almond paste baked into the middle and is covered with a thick layer of toasted almond icing. A circle of marzipan balls decorate the top. The history, origins and symbolism of […]

Irish Blessings, Reflections And Celtic Crosses For Good Friday And Easter

Celtic Crosses at Cashel

Celtic crosses are seen worldwide as a symbol of Ireland. For Easter I thought I might share some photos of Irish Celtic crosses, together with a collection of Irish blessings and reflections for the Easter season. Old Irish blessings are lyrically beautiful, and perfect for imparting the messages of peace, love and renewal at Easter […]

Finnegan’s Wake, With An Apostrophe – In Memory of Irish Poet Paddy Finnegan

Paddy Finnegan. Portrait

Each year on Saint Patrick’s day the Irish literati assemble on the banks of the Grand Canal in Dublin to commemorate one of Ireland’s greatest poets, Patrick Kavanagh.  This year there was one poet missing, Paddy Finnegan.   In today’s guest post, Mattie Lennon, writer and folklorist, remembers his friend, sharing some beautiful memories of […]

A Rose For William Butler Yeats

Yeats red rose

This year, 2015 is the 150th anniversary of the birth of William Butler Yeats, Ireland’s renowned and beloved poet. To mark the occasion the good folks at The Secret Gardens of Sligo are launching a brand new Irish rose to be named in his honor. Image Credit Why Name A Rose For Yeats:   Naming […]

Cheesy Seafood Bake

Cheesy Seafood Bake

Firm white fish pairs deliciously with shrimp when baked in a creamy cheese casserole.  Seafood cheese bake is a favorite Irish recipe, and here’s my version of this traditional dish. When my mom cooked a seafood bake she liked to use cod and was not a big fan of shrimp or prawns as they are […]

Ancient Stones And Passage Tombs – A Ramble Around Knowth, County Meath

Ogham Writing on a Stone at Knowth

County Meath in Ireland is home to many prehistoric megalithic tombs built around 3200 BC. Newgrange is the most famous archaeological site in Ireland, but it’s neighboring site of Knowth is well worth a visit. Image Credit We took a tour of this historical gem last summer, and to tell you the truth my kids […]

Ireland Is Not Just About Potatoes Anymore

Elena Clancy

When I departed Ireland for the United States in the late 1980’s, I left behind a monocultural society. In the early part of the new millennium over half a million plus immigrants moved to my homeland, and with them they brought a new vibrancy, cultural flair, diversity and a variety of new foods and recipes.  […]

Irish Cod Fish Cakes

Breaded fried fish cakes from Ireland

Fish cakes are Irish traditional fare at its very best, and are created by combining mashed potatoes, flaked cooked fish and herbs, then formed into individual cakes, and coated in bread crumbs before frying. This is a perfect recipe for using left over mashed potatoes, if such a thing ever exists. But don’t worry you […]