The Old Irish Bicycle

Old Bicycle in Bunratty Folk Park

Old black bicycles remind me of Ireland. These vintage cycles are part of our past, and are lovingly referred to as High Nellies. Image Credit Long before the car appeared in Ireland and for many years after its arrival, when only a few wealthy people could afford such automated luxury, the bicycle was Ireland’s chosen […]

Ogham Stones And Ancient Irish Writing

Standing Stone in Bantry, County Cork

Ogham (pronounced oh-am) is an ancient form of Irish writing comprised of patterns of parallel strokes to the side or across a continuous line. Image Credit Well, that’s the technical explanation of this old Celtic form of communication, but for me the very word brings to mind images of ancient stones pointing skyward in mystical […]

Thoughts On The Papal Visit


Pope Francis has returned to Rome after a hectic trip to the United States, where he was greeted by large and enthusiastic crowds.  Traveling to the east coast was not possible for me, but I followed his trip carefully throughout the past week. Image Credit And so today I thought I might pause, and focus […]

The Most Cups Of Tea Poured In An Hour

A big golden teapot

This week at the Irish Ploughing Championships a world record has been broken. A very important world record, mind you. The Guinness Book of Records for the Most Cups of Tea Poured in an Hour now rests with the Irish. A fitting home for such a prestigious honor. As you know, we Irish love our […]

Congratulations To Emerald Heritage

Emerald Heritage Logo-001

I love sharing success stories with an Irish twist and today I’m delighted to share some wonderful news of Emerald Heritage’s ongoing accomplishments and accolades. This year Emerald Heritage will reach a global audience of 60 million viewers when it is featured on two international travel programs. The Glens of Antrim earned a well deserved […]

Blog Awards Ireland 2015


Some good news to share with you all today.  Irish American Mom has been shortlisted for the Blog Awards Ireland 2015, in the best blog of the Irish diaspora category. I’m thrilled with this news.  My blog was first nominated for these awards by an anonymous reader of my recipes and ramblings. Whoever you you […]

Covered Bridges – Iconic Symbols of America

Covered Bridge in Indiana, USA

Covered bridges, for me, are iconic symbols of America.  Every time I see one, whether on film or in real life, I experience a twinge of nostalgia. When you consider great American bridges you probably immediately think of engineering marvels like the Brooklyn Bridge and the Golden Gate Bridge. However I believe covered bridges should […]

When Sheepdogs Dream

Today is National Dog Day, and to celebrate I’ve written a little poem called “When Sheepdogs Dream” which I dedicate to all herding dogs around the world, and my own border collie, Oreo. Oreo To celebrate the dog days of summer and all our beloved canine companions the good folks at Personal Creations have posed […]

Introducing The Fairly Stillwart Chronicles, Plus A Giveaway

Fairies, pixies and Celtic mythology meld together magically in the glorious childrens’ tales of The Fairly Stillwart Chronicles by Scott Butcher. Today I’m thrilled to introduce this Canadian-Australian author and his enchanting tales that traverse the globe from the southern hemisphere, through the Canada Place, to find illusory answers in the most mystical of all […]

Claddagh Pendant Giveaway

Let me describe an Irish symbol for you ….. two hands of friendship hold a heart of love beneath a crown of loyalty. I know you immediately recognize this enduring symbol of Irish love. It can be none other than the spectacular Claddagh. Image Credit Today I’m delighted to host a little giveaway sponsored by […]

Barbecues In Ireland And The Big Grill Festival

When I was a little girl in Dublin I never laid eyes on a barbecue. Burgers were fried in a skillet on the stove top, and grilled sausages were actually broiled.  It wasn’t until I came to America that I tasted the glories of the grill, savored the depth of flavor a good BBQ sauce […]