Hay Foot, Straw Foot

A Handbook of Irish Dances from 1934

“Hay-foot, straw-foot” was a term my late granny loved to use as we marched around her West Cork farm.   “Let’s go east for the pigs. Come on now. Hay foot, straw foot.”   I remember asking granny why she said “hay-foot, straw-foot”, and she explained that years ago in Ireland hay and straw were […]

The Meaning Of the Trinity Knot Plus A Giveaway for a Celtic Mother’s Knot Necklace

A mother and child Trinity knot necklace

Celtic patterns and knots are beautiful, mystical symbols of Ireland used to represent faith, love, and unity.  The trinity knot, a simple interwoven loop with neither a beginning nor an end, is an exquisite emblem of infinity and eternity. In today’s post we’ll explore the history and significance of the trinity knot. And I’m delighted […]

Easy Summertime Strawberry Mousse Dessert

Strawberries and cream layered dessert

Summertime is berry time, and strawberries are some of my favorite summer berries. I love to whip up this delicious, easy strawberry mousse dessert for a summer treat. No bake desserts are best for hot summer days and this one is cool, and refreshing served straight from the refrigerator. No cooking, no baking, only cleaning […]

Giveaway Time – Enter To Win A Signed Copy Of “Dancing To An Irish Reel”

Dancing to an Irish Reel

Dancing To An Irish Reel is an intriguing novel about a single American female, Hailey, who leaves the record business in Los Angeles, and relocates to Connemara on the west coast of Ireland. There she meets her love interest, Liam Hennessy, a traditional Irish musician, who in true Irish fashion is scared witless at the […]

The End Of An Era – Postal Codes Have Arrived In Ireland

Irish Postal Van and old Irish phone booth

Today is a day for the history books in Ireland. Official postal codes are being introduced throughout the Republic of Ireland.   What? A country without postal codes?   Until today, Ireland was a numberless country, toying with global logistics gurus throughout the world, by using personalized addresses with mysterious locations known only by the […]

Intrigue in a Quaint Irish Town – A New Book By Bill Cooke

Bill Cooke - Intrigue in a Quaint Irish Town

Intrigue in a Quaint Irish Town is a new book written by Tipperary man, Bill Cooke. Set in 1950’s Ireland it’s a light-hearted look at life in an Irish town, at a time when most towns were under-developed, and unsophisticated by today’s standards. Bill Cooke has self-published his writing, and now that the many hours […]

Introducing Incredible Ireland

Doheny and Nesbitt - Pub Painting by Incredible Ireland

Memories are personal images of life’s journey, and in this day of digital photography we all try to capture life’s special moments through our photos. But have you every thought about preserving your favorite photographic memory through your very own hand painted canvas?   Today I’m delighted to publish a guest post by Incredible Ireland, […]

Ireland’s Round Towers

St. Kevin's Tower, Glendalough, County Wicklow

Slender, tapering, stone towers dot the Irish countryside from the northern county of Antrim to Ireland’s most southern county of Cork. Image Credit The harp and the shamrock are obvious choices for the honorary title of “symbol of Ireland”, but today I once again wish to elevate another emblem to this distinguished title – the […]

The Best Events In Ireland For 2015


During the summer months Ireland is a land of festivals, celebrations and events. From food festivals to music events, family festivals to active group adventures, Ireland is always a great place to be over the summer. Image Credit I love festivals – I think this affinity for celebrations is an innate part of my Irish […]

Furze – The Yellow Flower Of The Irish Landscape


Ireland’s hills and hedgerows are blooming with the golden glow of yellow furze. This prolific plant adds stunning color to the Irish landscape each and every year. A Plant Of Many Names:   Now this hill brightening plant bears many names throughout Ireland. I grew up calling it furze. In northern counties this landscape illuminator […]

County Kildare


County Kildare is Dublin’s western neighbor. This inland county offers plenty of history, spectacular scenery, ancient castles and warm welcoming towns. Image Credit Location of County Kildare:   In 1297 Kildare was first shired. It is the ancient home of the Fitzgerald family, and is one of the twelve counties of the province of Leinster. […]