Introducing Incredible Ireland

Doheny and Nesbitt - Pub Painting by Incredible Ireland

Memories are personal images of life’s journey, and in this day of digital photography we all try to capture life’s special moments through our photos. But have you every thought about preserving your favorite photographic memory through your very own hand painted canvas?   Today I’m delighted to publish a guest post by Incredible Ireland, […]

Irish Wisdom And Sayings About Horses

Horses were highly prized in ancient Irish culture. Deference for our equine companions continues to this very day. Both Ireland and Kentucky, my two homes on either side of the Atlantic, are renowned for breeding magnificent racehorses.  So I thought it was high time I explored the connection between the Irish and horses. This collection […]

The Gift Of Peacefulness In Celtic Words Of Wisdom

As we prepare to say good-bye to 2014 and celebrate the start of 2015, I’m avoiding my annual pit-fall of writing a long list of resolutions. I’m only destined to break them long before the end of January.  As 2014 draws to a close, I’m simply taking time for reflection. Instead of sharing ill-fated resolutions […]

Wise Old Words From Ireland For Mother’s Day

Wishing all mothers of the world a very happy Mother’s Day. This holiday may be celebrated on different days throughout the world, but this weekend let’s join American families to honor our mothers with sincerest sentiments of love and gratitude. To mark this day I thought I might share some Irish wisdom on motherhood and […]

This New Year I Hope You Dance As If No One Is Watching

Dance As If No One Is Watching

On this the first day of 2013 many are waking up with a keen determination to stick to New Year’s resolutions.  Some choose one lofty goal, others take on the world with a lengthy list of drastic lifestyle changes they truly believe will create inner happiness. Image Credit I like the idea of commitment to […]

Irish Wisdom – The Power Of Friendship (Part 2)

In the Irish Celtic tradition there is a beautiful understanding of the power of friendship – a deep, spiritual belief in the importance of connection, trust and openness between two friends. In part 1 of this series on Irish Wisdom And Friendship, we explored many old Irish sayings which emphasize the bonds of friendship.  Today, […]

Irish Wisdom – The Power Of Friendship (Part 1)

The power and importance of friendship is recognized in Ireland’s ancient sagas and myths, in her wealth of proverbs and blessings, and in her literature both old and new. Today I thought I might share some of these beautiful quotations from yesterday and today.  As I compiled my list, my blog post grew longer and […]

Lessons In Life From Wise Old Irish Hens

An Irish Rooster

Eggs, chickens, and hens played a vital economic role in Irish rural life over the centuries.  We Irish even claim to have invented bacon and eggs.  Many old Irish sayings are peppered with poultry references.  Today, let’s explore some clucking wise words of old.   1. How the Irish first paired eggs with bacon:   […]

Love And Marriage – Irish Style

Black and white clipart - the bride

Ireland is renowned as the birthplace of lyrically, romantic poets such as Yeats and Moore, yet ordinary Irish people are not known as the most outwardly demonstrative when it comes to showing their affection. Romantic reserve is evident in many old Irish sayings dealing with love and marriage.  Yet I am slow to dismiss these […]

Lessons In Love From Old Irish Sayings

In recent years “World’s Sexiest Accent” polls have drawn a lot of media attention. The Irish accent has been faring pretty well, even topping one poll in 2011.  How an Irish man’s lilt beat out the sweet, amorous tones of the French amazes me.  But truth be told, American girls love a man with an […]

Irish Proverbs And Quotes – The Dangers of Idle Chatter

    The Irish are known for their “gift of the gab”. Judging by the preponderance of old Irish proverbs and sayings regarding the dangers of idle chatter, the Irish must love to gossip. The clothesline chronicles are not unique to the Irish race.  The Bible has many verses devoted to the perils of spreading […]