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Slice of nectarine and blackcurrant galette with creamNectarine and Blackcurrant Galette

Galette is a French term for an open, free-form, rustic tart. It’s a perfect summer treat to use and display the beautiful fruits of summer in a totally delicious way.  One of my favorite ways to build a galette is with a sheet of puff pastry.  And remember, since blackcurrants are hard to find in the United States, blueberries are just as scruptious in this open-faced fruit pie…… Get my complete recipe with step-by-step photo instructions here.




Benbulben, County SligoIrish Fireside – A Wonderful Website For Planning A Trip To Ireland

I receive many e-mails and messages on Facebook from readers asking advice on how to plan a trip to Ireland. And so where do I send my readers who are longing to see the Emerald Isle?  To Irish Fireside of course, a warm and welcoming website, where you can explore all that Ireland has to offer from the comfort of your own home.  From Ireland’s ancient past to current day festivals and fairs, Irish Fireside provides a wealth of information, especially about some of Ireland’s lesser known sites…….. Read more here.

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sponge cake with candlesReader Recipe – Modified Irish Sponge Cake

Aimee, a reader from Lexington, Kentucky used my Irish sponge recipe to bake a delicious birthday cake.  She modified my recipe in the most amazing ways.  Home ground whole wheat pastry flour replaces cake flour, a substitution I would never have dreamed of making. Sucanat replaces refined processed sugar.  Maple syrup sweetens the whipping cream, to create a decadent, luscious filling. Her final creation looks fantastic…… Read more and get the full recipe here.





Irish Famine EvictionTo Ireland’s Far-Flung Exiles / A Poem By Irish American Mom

Ruined stone cottages lie dotted across the Irish landscape, permanent reminders of Ireland’s emigrants, forced to leave their homes by famine, and eviction. Over one million people left Ireland in the years of the Great Hunger from 1845 to 1850. Every time I see the old shell of a cottage I think of Ireland’s diaspora. In today’s post I thought I would share a poem I wrote dedicated to Ireland’s exiles, who made their new homes in America….. Read the full post here.





English Summer PuddingSummer Pudding

Summer pudding, packed with juicy fresh berries, is one of my all time favorite desserts of the summer. This pudding looks spectacular when plated, giving the impression it’s a pretty complicated recipe, but making this classically English dessert is so much easier than it looks.  It’s so easy in fact, I think it’s a perfect recipe for beginners….. Read more and get the full recipe here.







Sleeping Dogs by Brid Wade - 500Introducing Bríd Wade – Irish Artist and Writer

Today I am delighted to introduce you to Ireland’s newest crime writer, Bríd Wade.  Watchers, the first in a series of Dublin based crime novels, was released in 2013. Sleeping Dogs, the sequel, was released in June, 2014.  Her hero, Matt Costello, is a gorgeous Irishman. He’s a clean-cut, clever, ex-Garda Detective turned PI. His offices are in Fairview, Dublin, overlooking the park. Here is a little background into Bríd’s inspiration for these Irish thrillers…… Read more here.







Irish CliffsIrish Essence Tours

Today I’m delighted to introduce you to a new Irish Tour Company, specializing in taking tourists off the beaten path, to discover a hidden Ireland.  As you all know, I love to talk about all things Irish, especially little known, out-of-the-way places in the land of my birth. When Deborah Feery of Irish Essence Tours contacted me about her new company’s dedication to creating customized vacations, focusing on personal experiences, and fulfilling clients’ dreams, I knew this company may be a perfect match for some of my readers….. Read more here.




Blueberry SconesBlueberry Scones

Blueberries are in season, and I love to bake with these juicy summer berries, which simply burst with flavor when added to rich scones.  Traditional Irish scones dotted with raisins or sultanas come to mind when I think of fruit scones. However, my Dad tells stories of how my Granny mixed wild hurts (bilberries) and blackcurrants through her soda breads and scones during the summer months.  I love these scones baked with fat juicy blueberries, boasting a golden crust sparkling with a light dusting of sugar….. Read more and get the full recipe here.






Red Peony RoseThe Rose As A Symbol Of Ireland

The rose is not widely known as a symbol of Ireland, the shamrock being more famously associated with the Emerald Isle. However, in centuries past The Black Rose was sometimes used as a code word for Ireland, when English law prohibited direct references to Ireland as a nation.  I came up with the idea of sharing some rose photos while examining the symbolism of the rose in Irish culture, literature, and song.  The rose is more closely associated with England, but in today’s post I’ll explore why roses may also represent Ireland.  And so, here are my top ten reasons why roses make me think of Ireland……… Read the full post here.






Baked Chicken Tenders With Panko And Parmesan CrustHomemade Chicken Tenders Or Chicken Goujons

My chicken tenders are made from chicken tenderloins, coated in panko bread crumbs and grated parmesan cheese, then baked until golden and crispy – a firm favorite in our house.  Chicken tenders, chicken nuggets, chicken fingers, chicken sticks, chicken goujons, or whatever you choose to call them, these chicken tenderloins feature on our dinner menu at least once a week…. Read the full post and get the recipe with step-by-step photo instructions.







Sandy Beach in Ards Friary, Co. Donegal, Ireland

The Beaches Of Ards Friary, County Donegal

Ards Friary, with its spectacular grounds and beaches, lies on the edge of Sheephaven Bay, and boasts magnificent Donegal scenery. Here you find wooded trails and coastline paths, just begging to be explored.  I was sorting through some of my photos from our trip to Donegal last summer. I took some lovely, sunny shots mid-July, when the sun nearly split the stones in Ireland, much to the delight of all the locals…… Read more here.



Irish DresserIrish Cottage Kitchens Of Days Gone By

In traditional Irish cottages of days gone by, the kitchen was the central hub, witnessing the busy comings and goings of daily life. The turf-burning hearth was the focal point. I have lovely, peaceful memories of my own granny’s kitchen. When I was a very young child a black kettle was constantly boiling, hanging from a pot hook over the open flames……. Read the full post here.










“My Ireland” is a place of love which invokes a deep sense of identity.  “Mother Ireland”, as we so lovingly call her, will always influence my state of mind,  no matter where I wander.  She instills in me a life-long feeling of connection.   “My Ireland”  is a collection of stories and memories that have shaped my life.

“Memories, converted into stories, can become a monument of sorts

to the remembered.” 

- Christy Kenneally


“My America” is a place of acceptance, which invokes a deep sense of pride.  I have chosen to live in a small state in the heartland of America. In Kentucky, we live outside the limelight, and may not be considered part of “mainstream” America. Here I present the stories and images of “My America” -  Smokey Mountains, natural wonders, and great rural beauty. I have learned we are as integral a part of the ‘Real America’, as our more famous urban neighbors. Welcome to my American Dream.



Slan agus beannacht leat!

(Goodbye and blessings)


Irish American Mom