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Oisin the Brave Moon AdventureIntroducing Oisín the Brave Plus A Giveaway From Éire’s Kids

Today we’re stepping into a modern day Tír na nÓg (Land of Youth) with Éire’s Kids, a Galway based company that created the wonderful characters of Oisín the Brave and Princess Éire to spark the imaginations of young boys and girls…… Read more and enter the giveaway here.





Famine Pot, Nenagh, County Tipperary

Famine Pot, Nenagh, County Tipperary

Irish Famine Pots

Famine pots are giant cast iron vessels, which were created to cook large volumes of soup to feed the starving Irish in 1847, the bleakest year of Ireland’s Great Hunger, now known as ‘Black 47′. A project is currently underway to try to locate and preserve these old, yet culturally significant soup pots …… Read more here.





Four Seasons of IrelandGiveaway Time – Quirky Irish Art by Olyart

March is here at last. To kick start the month I’m delighted to introduce you to the quirky and entertaining artwork created by Olyart in County Galway, together with a little giveaway to help spread some Irish luck….. Read more and enter the giveaway here.





The Sunbeam Patch - CoverThe Sunbeam Path – An Interactive Children’s iBook By Marion Rose McFadden

“The Sunbeam Path” – what an exciting name for a children’s picture book. The very name speaks of faeries and intrigue. Maggie Green, a resource teacher currently living in County Donegal, graciously reviewed this book for Irish American Mom.  This is a tale about Nora, a delightful little Irish girl who follows a wisp of light dancing on the edge of the forest. A world of faeries and demifay awaits…. Read more here.





Grand Parade, CorkLiving In Ireland, Then And Now

Life in Ireland has changed significantly over the past 150 years.  Old images relate stories of the past to us, but have you ever wondered how specific locations in Ireland might have changed with the passing of time? In today’s post a Cork Photographer tells of his experiences in recreating some of the region’s most iconic images from days gone by……. Read more here.

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St. Patrick's Day T-shirt for ChildrenA Cute New Irish Kids’ Clothing Line Plus A Giveaway For St. Patrick’s Day

Funny Monkey is a cute new line of Irish themed clothes for little ones.  Today they are sponsoring a giveaway for one of Irish American Mom’s readers. But first check out this quick review of their products and company philosophy…… Read more and enter the giveaway here.





Irish Boxty stuffed with creamy chicken and mushroom fillingCreamy Chicken And Mushroom Stuffed Boxty

Irish boxty is a potato pancake made with grated raw potato, mashed potato, flour, buttermilk and baking soda.  In recent years the popularity of boxty has soared with the introduction of thinner boxty pancakes wrapped around savory fillings.  My version comes with a filling of chicken, mushrooms, bacon and white Irish cheddar in a rich cream sauce, wrapped in a tender potato pancake….. Read more and get the complete recipe here.





A line of Irish cows or yearlingsIrish Farm Safety

Farm safety is a key issue for Irish farmers. Unfortunately many lives were lost and severe injuries sustained on Irish farms last year. A big safety awareness initiative is currently underway in Ireland to help save lives……. Read more here.






Tom_CreanTom Crean – An Unsung Irish Hero

Tom Crean, a remarkable and little known Irishman, ran away to sea aged fifteen, became a polar explorer extraordinaire, but unfortunately until recently, remained an unsung hero in his homeland.  In today’s blog post I share his heroic and dramatic story and the wonderful work finally underway to mark his place in history.  I hope after reading his amazing story you’ll join in the quest to have him finally recognized appropriately in his home county…… Read more here.

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Bag of Tayto cheese and onion crispsTayto Crisps

Tayto cheese and onion crisps are a favorite Irish snack. These highly seasoned potato chips boast a very distinctive flavor, and are perfect with a pint of beer.  A sharp cheddar taste explosion with overpowering onion strains, combines with deep fried potato slivers, creating a taste of Ireland I absolutely adore….. Read more here.





An Hot Whiskey - an Irish cure for colds and feversIrish Hot Whiskey

Cold and flu season is upon us. But fear not! Ireland boasts a traditional cure for notorious winter viruses.  Of course, the Irish answer to chills and fevers is none other than a hot whiskey. When made correctly a hot whiskey can be a work of delicious art. Here are my tips and tricks for hot whiskey making success….. Read more here.


 Farewell – A Not-So-Simple Irish Ritual

Saying goodbye and departing a friend’s home may be a simple act in America, but in Ireland there is an unwritten code of honor that guides farewell rituals. There are superstitions that must be adhered to, or God forbid you may draw some form of ill fate upon your unsuspecting self…… Read more here.


 McGilly – Irish Leprechaun Fun

If you are planning to have some leprechaun fun in the days running up to St. Patrick’s Day, don’t forget to order your gift pack from the good folks who created Silly McGilly.  This cute little leprechaun can entertain kids at home and at school by getting up to all kinds of shenanigans. Learn more about this cute little leprechaun, but remember the giveaway has now closed. ….. Read more here.




Honey on pancakesDrop Scones

Drop scones are small, thick pancakes, so named because they are made by dropping spoonfuls of batter on to a hot griddle or frying pan. I loved drop scones when I was a little girl. Lemon and sugar pancakes, which are more like crêpes, featured on our Pancake Tuesday menu, but on other days we enjoyed these hot delicious treats, spread with golden syrup and melting butter…. Read more and get the complete recipe here.

 Is Irish Turf?

When most Americans hear the word “turf”, an image of green grass immediately comes to mind, like the lush green turf of a golf course.  For Irish people the word conjures up dreams of lapping flames, and the distinctive smells of a turf fire. And so today I thought I might introduce my American readers to Irish turf….. Read more here.

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Irish HorseIrish Wisdom And Sayings About Horses

Horses were highly prized in ancient Irish culture. Deference for our equine companions continues to this very day. Both Ireland and Kentucky, my two homes on either side of the Atlantic, are renowned for breeding magnificent racehorses.  So I thought it was high time I explored the connection between the Irish and horses…. Read more here.

 Heritage – Your Piece Of Ireland

If you have ever dreamed of owning a little piece of Ireland, believe it or not, you now can.  Emerald Heritage is offering for sale small plots of land within the Glens of Antrim, in an effort to protect this area from deforestation and to promote regeneration of this natural wildlife habitat. Check out this blog post to learn more about this wonderful project.  The giveaway is closed, but this conservation project is ongoing…. Read more here.

 Potato Cakes

The most popular recipe of all times is for Irish potato cakes. These are the perfect way to use up leftover mashed potatoes, and you can jazz them up any way you like. A dash of curry powder, or chili powder, or chives and onions can add a new depth of flavor to these traditional Irish favorites…. Get the full recipe here.





“My Ireland” is a place of love which invokes a deep sense of identity.  “Mother Ireland”, as we so lovingly call her, will always influence my state of mind,  no matter where I wander.  She instills in me a life-long feeling of connection.   “My Ireland”  is a collection of stories and memories that have shaped my life.

“Memories, converted into stories, can become a monument of sorts

to the remembered.” 

- Christy Kenneally


“My America” is a place of acceptance, which invokes a deep sense of pride.  I have chosen to live in a small state in the heartland of America. In Kentucky, we live outside the limelight, and may not be considered part of “mainstream” America. Here I present the stories and images of “My America” –  Smokey Mountains, natural wonders, and great rural beauty. I have learned we are as integral a part of the ‘Real America’, as our more famous urban neighbors. Welcome to my American Dream.



Slan agus beannacht leat!

(Goodbye and blessings)


Irish American Mom