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View of Lough Gur from top of the scenic walk

Lough Gur – A Magical Lake In County Limerick

Lough Gur is a mystical lake in County Limerick, reported by locals to hide a magical realm beneath its glistening surface.  Lough Gur may not feature on most tourist’s lists of places to see when visiting the Emerald Isle, but believe it or not, it is one of Ireland’s most important historical sites…… Read more here.






Celtic Crosses at Cashel

Good Friday Traditions In Ireland

Good Friday is a strange name for the day the Son of God was put to death, but it is generally believed to be derived from the term God’s Friday.  To mark Good Friday, I thought I would share some photos of Irish Celtic crosses which I took last summer, and review some old Irish traditions associated with this holy day…. Read more here.







Snowdrops And Daffodils And Flowers Of The Spring

The first sight of Irish snowdrops in early spring brings hope of warmer days ahead. I love these little, dainty flowers.  They truly lift my spirits after the dark days of winter…… Read more here.





Album Cover - Northern SoulSean Feeny’s Northern Soul –

CD Review And Giveaway

Sean Feeny’s NORTHERN SOUL is a charity CD blending the sounds of motown and soul with the distinct strains of traditional Irish music.  To celebrate St. Patrick’s Weekend I thought why not introduce you to this unique and fascinating mixture of Irish and American music styles. And into the bargain, Sean has provided four copies of his wonderful album as prizes for four lucky readers of Irish American Mom…… Read more and enter the giveaway here.

March 18th, 2014: Winners Announced here.



Edna O'Brien - Guilt QuotationIrish Catholic Guilt

Guilt is widely accepted as a stereotypical Catholic trait, with the guiltiest of all Catholics being the Irish.  Since we are in the Lenten season, I thought why not explore this concept of Irish Catholic guilt and its impact on the infamous Irish psyche….. Read more here.



Tara Brooch

The Tara Brooch

The Tara Brooch is an elaborate piece of ancient Irish jewelry dating back to around 700 AD. It is on display in the National Museum of Ireland.  Composed mostly of silver and embellished with delicate, interlacing, gold, filigree patterns, it is widely recognized as a symbol of Ireland…. Read more here.


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Chicken Curry With Apple And Raisins  Chicken Curry with apples and raisins served over rice

Chicken curry may have originated in India, but it is a firm dinner favorite throughout the Emerald Isle. Many Irish people purchase their curries at local Chinese take-outs, but I prefer to cook mine from scratch….. Read more and get the full recipe here.




Chenille Stem St. Brigid's Cross

How To Make A St. Brigid’s Cross Using Pipe Cleaners.

On St. Brigid’s Day in Ireland it is customary to make reed crosses named after the saint. But, if like me, you live in the city, it’s not easy to find an abundant supply of reeds.  In America, reeds and rushes don’t grow as prolifically as in the wet soil of my homeland. My solution – pipe cleaners…. Read more here.





Ireland Collage 1

 Why Are Irish Americans So Captivated By Ireland

Many Irish Americans feel a deep, spiritual connection to Ireland, my homeland and the birthplace of our ancestors.  This affinity intrigues me.What amazes me most is that many American’s ancestors left Ireland because of dire poverty and starvation. Yet despite the difficulties of their lives in Ireland, they brought a great love of their homeland with them to the United States…… Read more here.




Brown Bread In Baking PanIrish Brown Bread

Any tourist planning a trip to Ireland definitely needs to know about “brown bread.” The choice of bread in Irish restaurants is usually “white” or “brown”. Seldom is the term “whole wheat” used.  Traditionally, brown bread refers to a dense, hearty, and nutty-tasting, whole wheat version of Irish soda bread….. Read more and get the full recipe here.





Potato and Leek SoupPotato And Leek Soup

Potato and leek soup is a traditional Irish, wintertime, comfort food.  Served with buttered, brown soda bread, it is a delicious warm treat on a cold winter’s day….. Read more and get the full recipe here.





Cover2-198x300Hope In New York City – A Young Adult Novel By Cynthia G. Neale

This book tells America’s story, through the eyes of a young Irish immigrant, Nora McCabe. Today I am delighted to introduce you to the second installment in an Irish American trilogy for young adult readers….. Read more here.





Irish Thatched Cottage - Spiddal, Co. GalwayThe Magic Of Thatched Cottages

Ireland offers tourists an amazing vacation opportunity – the ability to experience the magic of staying in a thatched cottage.  Today’s blog post is a photo tour of one such cottage in County Galway, inviting you to enter into the world of a bygone era…. Read more here.




“My Ireland” is a place of love which invokes a deep sense of identity.  “Mother Ireland”, as we so lovingly call her, will always influence my state of mind,  no matter where I wander.  She instills in me a life-long feeling of connection.   “My Ireland”  is a collection of stories and memories that have shaped my life.

“Memories, converted into stories, can become a monument of sorts to the remembered.”  – Christy Kenneally

“My America” is a place of acceptance, which invokes a deep sense of pride.  I have chosen to live in a small state in the heartland of America. In Kentucky, we live outside the limelight, and may not be considered part of “mainstream” America. Here I present the stories and images of “My America” -  Smokey Mountains, natural wonders, and great rural beauty. I have learned we are as integral a part of the ‘Real America’, as our more famous urban neighbors. Welcome to my American Dream.

My Blog Plan

I have been asking myself a question lately: “Why Do You Wish To Blog?” After not much contemplation and soul-searching, the very best answer I have come up with is:  “Why not?” In an effort, which I truly hope will not be a vain effort, to keep my random, scattershot thoughts somewhat on message, I created a few blog categories.

I have included a short blog plan on each category page, which may better answer any ‘deep and meaningful’ blogging questions you may have.  Happy reading!!!!!


Slan agus beannacht leat!

(Goodbye and blessings)


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