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Yeats red roseA Rose For William Butler Yeats

This year, 2015 is the 150th anniversary of the birth of William Butler Yeats, Ireland’s renowned and beloved poet. To mark the occasion the good folks at The Secret Gardens of Sligo are launching a brand new Irish rose to be named in his honor…… Read more here.


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Casserole of cod and prawn cheese bakeCheesy Seafood Bake

Firm white fish pairs deliciously with shrimp when baked in a creamy cheese casserole.  Seafood cheese bake is a favorite Irish recipe, and here’s my version of this traditional dish….. Read more and get the complete recipe here.







Knowth, a megalithic burial site in County MeathAncient Stones And Passage Tombs – A Ramble Around Knowth, County Meath

County Meath in Ireland is home to many prehistoric megalithic tombs built around 3200 BC. Newgrange is the most famous archaeological site in Ireland, but it’s neighboring site of Knowth is well worth a visit….. Read more here.




Elena ClancyIreland Is Not Just About Potatoes Anymore

When I departed Ireland for the United States in the late 1980’s, I left behind a monocultural society. In the early part of the new millennium over half a million plus immigrants moved to my homeland, and with them they brought a new vibrancy, cultural flair, diversity, and a variety of new foods and recipes. In today’s guest post, Brighid O’Sullivan interviews Elena Clancy, a Russian immigrant who now calls Ireland home…. Read more here.





Irish Cod Fish Cakes Irish Cod Fish Cakes

Irish cod fish cakes are Irish traditional fare at its very best, and are created by combining mashed potatoes, flaked cooked fish and herbs, then formed into individual cakes, and coated in bread crumbs before frying…… Read more and get the complete recipe here.







Molly MaloneThe Meaning Of Some Popular Irish Last Names

Many of us bear Irish last names or surnames as we say in Ireland. But have you ever wondered about the origins of these Irish names?  What are the most common Irish last names found world wide?  Molly Malone may be one of the most famous Irish names, but Malone is not in the top 10 Irish last names list…. Read the full post here.

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Planting a tree in Ireland - love and shamrocksIreland – A Land of Trees In The Time Of Saint Patrick

Trees and forestry played both practical and spiritual roles in the lives of Irish people throughout the centuries.  Today Ireland is home to some beautiful woods and forestry, but the number of trees pales in comparison to the vast numbers of living trees on the island before the 17th century.  And so, I started thinking about what Ireland’s landscape at the time of St. Patrick.  I soon discovered it was an island covered in trees …… Read more here.

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Top Ten Recipes From Irish American MomTop Ten Recipes From Irish American Mom

With St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner, I thought why not review my recipes to see which ones are most popular with readers. And so I’ve come up with my Top Ten Recipes of all time.  I thought however it might be interesting to write a count down post from #10 to #1. I expected my stew recipe might be popular, but some of the other recipes on this list surprised me….. Read more here.





The Sunbeam Patch - CoverThe Sunbeam Path – An Interactive Children’s iBook By Marion Rose McFadden

“The Sunbeam Path” – what an exciting name for a children’s picture book. The very name speaks of faeries and intrigue. Maggie Green, a resource teacher currently living in County Donegal, graciously reviewed this book for Irish American Mom.  This is a tale about Nora, a delightful little Irish girl who follows a wisp of light dancing on the edge of the forest. A world of faeries and demifay awaits…. Read more here.





Irish Boxty stuffed with creamy chicken and mushroom fillingCreamy Chicken And Mushroom Stuffed Boxty

Irish boxty is a potato pancake made with grated raw potato, mashed potato, flour, buttermilk and baking soda.  In recent years the popularity of boxty has soared with the introduction of thinner boxty pancakes wrapped around savory fillings.  My version comes with a filling of chicken, mushrooms, bacon and white Irish cheddar in a rich cream sauce, wrapped in a tender potato pancake….. Read more and get the complete recipe here.






An Hot Whiskey - an Irish cure for colds and feversIrish Hot Whiskey

Cold and flu season is upon us. But fear not! Ireland boasts a traditional cure for notorious winter viruses.  Of course, the Irish answer to chills and fevers is none other than a hot whiskey. When made correctly a hot whiskey can be a work of delicious art. Here are my tips and tricks for hot whiskey making success….. Read more here.


 Farewell – A Not-So-Simple Irish Ritual

Saying goodbye and departing a friend’s home may be a simple act in America, but in Ireland there is an unwritten code of honor that guides farewell rituals. There are superstitions that must be adhered to, or God forbid you may draw some form of ill fate upon your unsuspecting self…… Read more here.


 Heritage – Your Piece Of Ireland

If you have ever dreamed of owning a little piece of Ireland, believe it or not, you now can.  Emerald Heritage is offering for sale small plots of land within the Glens of Antrim, in an effort to protect this area from deforestation and to promote regeneration of this natural wildlife habitat. Check out this blog post to learn more about this wonderful project.  The giveaway is closed, but this conservation project is ongoing…. Read more here.

 Potato Cakes

The most popular recipe of all times is for Irish potato cakes. These are the perfect way to use up leftover mashed potatoes, and you can jazz them up any way you like. A dash of curry powder, or chili powder, or chives and onions can add a new depth of flavor to these traditional Irish favorites…. Get the full recipe here.





“My Ireland” is a place of love which invokes a deep sense of identity.  “Mother Ireland”, as we so lovingly call her, will always influence my state of mind,  no matter where I wander.  She instills in me a life-long feeling of connection.   “My Ireland”  is a collection of stories and memories that have shaped my life.

“Memories, converted into stories, can become a monument of sorts

to the remembered.” 

- Christy Kenneally


“My America” is a place of acceptance, which invokes a deep sense of pride.  I have chosen to live in a small state in the heartland of America. In Kentucky, we live outside the limelight, and may not be considered part of “mainstream” America. Here I present the stories and images of “My America” –  Smokey Mountains, natural wonders, and great rural beauty. I have learned we are as integral a part of the ‘Real America’, as our more famous urban neighbors. Welcome to my American Dream.



Slan agus beannacht leat!

(Goodbye and blessings)


Irish American Mom